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Thread: Pool Pilot Questions

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    Pool Pilot Questions

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm thinking of installing a Pool Pilot Digital but I have a couple of questions:

    I know over sizing is recommended but would an RC-52 be overkill for my 25,000 gal pool or would an RC-42 be more appropriate?

    I have a vinyl liner pool and have basically ignored my calcium level which is very low (30). I see Autopilot recommends a range of 200-400. Is being below that range an issue?

    If I have to raise my calcium level does the salt have any effect on calcium levels? Should I add the salt first then raise calcium or vice versa?

    Does anyone know how big the manifold is? I plan on putting the unit where my inline feeder is now and would like to know if it will fit there. The manual does not list the size or any other install instructions other than it shouold be upright and the last thing before the return.

    I plan on installing myself so does anyone have any low price/reputable dealer recommendations?

    Other than my low cal numbers, and a zero salt level, my number are right on the money thanks to BBB:

    As per my PS233 test kit this morning:



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    Rainbow 320 Inline Feeder


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    Re: Pool Pilot Questions

    We recommend getting a cell that is between 1.5 and 3 times larger than your pool. The RC-52 looks to be right around 2 times as large, so that is perfect.

    Low CH is just fine with a vinyl liner pool. The SWG won't mind at all.

    Salt and calcium don't interact at all.

    The manifold is roughly 13"x21".
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    Re: Pool Pilot Questions
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    Re: Pool Pilot Questions

    By the way, your FC of 3 is not right on the money for CYA of 70. The minimum for a non-SWG pool is 5, and the target is 8. And after you have your SWG running, the target FC will be 3.
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    Re: Pool Pilot Questions

    +2 on saltpoolguys. I got mine from them, great service. I installed myself too. You'll need some plastic conduit for the wire going into your electric box, and I recommend the PVC shears that are about $30 at home depot. They cut the plastic great, unless the PVC is very old and brittle- in which case a hacksaw might be better. Oh and some PVC primer/glue.

    I went with their nano+ and it's overkill for my 17k pool. I never have to go above 35% duty cycle with a 6 hour/day pump run time to keep the FC up.
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    Re: Pool Pilot Questions

    Another option to cutting the PVC is a miter chop saw. I used it for mine and worked great no burs but still used a file to smooth the end

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