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Thread: Low cya, High FC

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    Low cya, High FC

    Fc 10
    Alk 120
    ph 7.5
    Cya 15

    This pool is becoming a pain in the rear. I am on day 10 of shocking pool. I am no longer swamp green but a deep cloudy blue. My problem is my FC never seems to come down. So I don't think I am adding enough bleach during the day. I was using the test kit from Walmart but it only goes to 5, now using the test strips and those keep reading at 10 Fc. The reading never changes, I test about 3 times a day. 11am-3:30Pm-12am. I vacuum once a day before I go to work. With my cya low shouldn't I be losing clorine. Since I can't see bottom of pool I know the test can't be right. I ordered the tf100 today. What should I do until then Since I'm most likely not getting correct reading? When pool guys repaired my filter they used the zeote sand. Supposed to be better but who knows. I have next dose of cya dissolving in a sock in the skimmer. Since reading never changes I add 2 gallons of 8.5% bleach a day. Once at 11am and then at 4pm.
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    Re: Low cya, High FC

    Order a testing kit. I tried to get by with strips for years. A good kit makes it so much easier. It took 5 days and $30 worth of bleach to clear our pool this year.
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    Re: Low cya, High FC

    Hi zeroturn. I hope you find TFP to be a great resource. Congratulations on taking control of your pool and ordering a good test kit. It will enable you to take your pool back and on your way to crystal clear water. I have no doubt that one of the well knowledged moderators will be along shortly. You will find their advice to be priceless! In the meantime, I hope you took the time to research the site, go through pool school and browse the forums. It will give you a head start. Best advice I can give you right now is to be patient and wait until you can get some confident pool tests. Guessing with pool test strips or unreliable results will only get you frustrated and cause you more work,money and time!!
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