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Thread: Need help protecting new vinyl liner from me

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    Need help protecting new vinyl liner from me

    We had a new vinyl liner installed this week and I am about 3 hours away from starting the pump and beginning treatment of the pool. My utmost priority is not making a mistake that could stain or otherwise damage the liner. The pool dealer that installed the liner tested the water yesterday with these results:

    TA - 289
    pH - 8.1
    Hardness - 293
    FC - 0
    TC - 0
    CYA - 0

    The analysis that came with the test recommended:

    1) Add 3 pints of muriatic acid a day for up to 12 days unless Ph drops below 7.2 (it doesn't say what to do if that happens)
    2) Add 3 or 4 lbs. of stabilizer
    3) Add 1.5 qts. of scale inhibitor
    4) Add 1 lb. of Super Soluble shock
    5) Add 19 ozs. of algaecide (I have always used polyquat 60 as an algae inhibitor)
    6) Begin running 3" tabs in the chlorinator

    I have Taylor test chemicals, test strips, and an OTO/ph kit and my results are consistent with the above numbers.

    I have used Borax and baking soda in the past but have always relied on tabs for chlorination.

    I realize pool treatment is an inexact science and opinions differ, but I would appreciate any advice that would help with a successful start-up and hopefully simplify the process. I am concerned about the high alkalinity and also the proper sequence and time frame for adding chemicals.

    Thanks for looking at my post and any assistance you might provide.
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    Re: Need help protecting new vinyl liner from me


    Read the ABC' s in Pool Water Chemistry and you can also read Lowering TA. It will help keep your pH more stable. You can do that after you adjust your CYA to 30-50ppm. Look at the FC/CYA chart for how much FC to run.
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