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Thread: Cause of algea?

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    Cause of algea?

    Can swimming in a pool wearing a bathing suit that was used in the ocean cause problems for a pool? I recently had 10+ ppl over my place for a pool party and we were all at the beach prior to swimming in my pool... Having issues clearing the pool up like never before.

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    Re: Cause of algea?

    You could definitely be transporting some organics. Always a good idea to rinse them out first.
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    Re: Cause of algea?

    Quote Originally Posted by woodyp View Post
    You could definitely be transporting some organics. Always a good idea to rinse them out first.
    So would this cause my pool to take a longer time to clear up? Is there anything out of the ordinary I should do to speed the process?

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    Re: Cause of algea?

    Check your chlorine levels (FC & CC). The increased bather load with the possibility of organics from the beach probably used up all your free chlorine causing your issues. Post a complete set of chemistry results and people will chime in on what you have to do.

    If you haven't done so, read the pool school section.
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    Re: Cause of algea?

    As of 9am:
    FC 30ppm
    CC 0
    Ph 7.4
    Alk 80
    Stab 40

    Everything was pretty close so that's why I'm struggling with why is taking so long to clear up.
    Filter been back washed and brushing a couple times a day

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    Re: Cause of algea?

    Is your FC really 30 ppm? If so, that is some serious overkill. I'd leave the cover off and let the FC drop over the next few days. If the 30ppm FC is a typo, and you meant 3 ppm, then that's too low to clear up an algae bloom, considering a CYA level of 40. (Defeating Aglae)

    When exactly was this pool party? Was that a couple days ago, or have you been fighting this for a couple weeks? If it has been a couple weeks, then we need to figure out why your filter isn't doing its job. If it's only been a day or three or four, have patience and let your filter work.

    What exactly do you mean by "clear up"? Is the water cloudy white? Green? Brown stains on the walls? Beer cans and pizza boxes plugging the main drains?

    Are those pool-store test results, or do you have your own quality test kit? (Recommended test kits) Considering you joined the site three years ago, I assume the latter.

    Swim suits from the ocean could definitely carry some organics and organisms, but I doubt there would be anything that wouldn't be killed off by normal pool chlorine levels. And very little that would survive in a fresh-water pool anyway. More likely it was just the number of people that used up all your chlorine and allowed a bloom to occur. So don't worry about the "ocean" factor; just do what is normally done for clearing up a pool. Be sure to brush the undersides of the ladder rungs, and clean out behind the light fixture.
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