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Thread: It was going so well until

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    It was going so well until

    Once again Hi all

    Since the last time i posted I received my test kit, used pool math and got my pool clear. However along came a windstorm that filled my pool with dirt, leaves, and trash. I began manually vacuuming it out and got everything out in the process of cleaning the filters the nut that holds the clamp on the filter striped and left me with a non working filter for a few days. I tested the water yesterday with the TF-100 and was completely confused by the results. I dint record the results because i frankly didn't believe them due to a cya reading of 0. I added enough chlorine to get the fc to 15ppm over night the water went from green to grayish. Today I went back and tested the water and found that I no longer had any FC it was at 1ppm. Im guessing either sunlight or the algae ate it up. I waited for the sun to go down and added 2 jugs of chlorine then waited a few hours and tested the water here are the results.

    CYA=0 -------- I filled the tube up to the top and could still see the black dot water was not cloudy.

    Now my results a 4 months ago were

    FAC 0
    TAC 0
    CH 330
    CYA 50
    TA 90
    PH 7.6

    Is it possible for the cya to go down to 0 i have not drained any of the water. Any advice would help guys thanks.

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    Re: It was going so well until

    It is possible under certain circumstances -very likely you had the CYA to ammonia conversion - we believe that there is a soil bacteria which causes the CYA to convert into ammonia.
    It probably got into the pool along with the dirt/leaves/trash.
    Also, a pH of 8.2 may mean that your pH is likely higher, because that is the maximum the test can detect.

    Green water + FC loss of ~14ppm overnight is indicative of the need to SLAM.

    I'd recommend adding muriatic acid to bring down your pH first, then following the SLAM procedure including adding CYA.

    Also, please add your pool details to your signature (top right, "Settings","Edit Signature") so that we can help you better.

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    Re: It was going so well until

    When you tested the CYA had the pump been running for a while first?
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