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Thread: Intex Pool - Loss of Suction While Vacuuming

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    Intex Pool - Loss of Suction While Vacuuming

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    I have the Intex 22x52 pool put up finally, i've just purchased the deluxe maintenance kit and sand filter, after i put the adapter on the skimmer inlet and follow the instructions for releasing air from the hose i turn the pump on it has great suction fro a moment an then the basket becomes half way full of water and the system looses suction. The pool was just purchased as well as the rest of the components the pump runs great on all modes the only issue i've experienced is the loss of suction during the vacuuming process. It has the valves that have a Lock and Unlock Picture on them with one large handle and one smaller knob with some kind rubber on the end of it. i'm starting to think this is where i'm loosing suction, the pump/filter only came with two hoses no other valves is this what i'm missing? Please help need to get this thing vacuumed out =)

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    Re: Intex Pool - Loss of Suction While Vacuuming

    Do your valves look like this?

    If they do, that little cap is a vacuum break valve, and a lot of people have the same problem you are experiencing. I think you can block them with a small rubber cap, or however you need to. You should then have good suction for vacuuming.
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    Re: Intex Pool - Loss of Suction While Vacuuming

    I looked at the reviews in Amazon and someone mentioned it loses auction if air gets gets the line.
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    Re: Intex Pool - Loss of Suction While Vacuuming

    If there are a lot of solids (leaves, etc) that you are vacuuming up, the little mesh bag inside the vac attachment may be clogged. Mine clogs pretty quickly.
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    Re: Intex Pool - Loss of Suction While Vacuuming

    I had the same problem the first time I used my intex vacuum. I don't think you are getting all the air out of the hose and vacuum.

    Here is my process for hooking up my vacuum... (NOTE... everything is done under water to keep air from entering the system.)

    1. Throw hose in pool.
    2. Hold one end of the hose against the filter return to force water through the hose hence forcing the air out. While holding it there, I use one foot to work the hose across the bottom of the pool until I can grab the free end of the hose. This will help work most of the remaining air out of the hose where it is floating.
    3. While keeping both ends of hose under water, I attach the hose to the pump inlet and let it draw through the hose while hooking up the vacuum. Be careful not to let the free end float up and draw air while you are reaching for the vacuum head.
    4. Take the vacuum, brush end down, and push it under the water. It will bubble until it is full of water. While holding it under water I attach the hose to the vacuum head.
    5. Attach metal pole to vacuum head, again while keeping the vacuum head submerged.
    6. Vacuum until pool is clean or until the bag is full.
    7. If bag fills up (it will hold a lot more than you might think), carefully hold vacuum upside down, under the water, while you unhook the hose(You may want to detach the pole for this as well.) Keep the hose submerged while removing bag and dumping it and reassembling vacuum.
    8. Repeat step 4 though 6.
    9. Once pool is clean to your liking, repeat step 7 and then remove hose from suction port and leave it floating while you empty your vacuum head and clean the bag.
    10. After dumping the vacuum bag, I turn off my pump, remove the waste port cap, hold the bag around the waste port and switch my sand filter valve to drain. It takes about 5 seconds to clean the bag this way.
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    Re: Intex Pool - Loss of Suction While Vacuuming

    Thats a lot of steps, mac!

    I throw the hose in the water. Attach it to the vac head (which is already on the pole). Drop the head to the floor and prop the pole against the ladder. Grab the floating hose closest to the head and hand over hand push it vertically into the water. Get to the end and plug into skimmer attachment and plop onto skimmer. Done. I guess I'm glad I don't have the bag, sounds like a hassle, no?

    As for the OP problem he said he is using skimmer adapter not the side port. When I had an issue of air getting sucked in it turned out that it was a problem with my hose. The white collar on one end spins around and other end doesn't. If I use the spinning side on the skimmer adapter air would suck in because half of it is out of the water. Switch ends and problem goes away.
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