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Thread: what to try liquidator?

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    what to try liquidator?

    I have a very small air leak that's putting air in the pump. It's not enough to cause loss of prime but I"d still like to stop it. I"m sure it's at the connection of the in hose to the in float. Other than the standard screw cap that came with it is there something else to use to make a good seal ??
    I thought about using a couple of small wire ties around the hose at the barb connection....... ANY ideas on this small problem?????
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    Re: what to try liquidator?

    I don't think that's where your leak is. Any air coming in there would be released in the tank.

    To find your leak start with where the output tubing enters the suction side of your plumbing. Before the pump. With the pump running look at the clear tubing. Do you see air passing thru the tubing into the suction side of your plumbing? If no, the liquidator is not the cause of your air leak. If yes the liquidator is the cause. Examine the tubing from the suction side back towards the flow meter and valve. At each fitting check to see if there is air before the fitting. If no air before a fitting that fitting is the problem. Before replacing try stretching the tubing out of the fitting. When the hose is compressed in the fittings it may leak.
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    Re: what to try liquidator?

    Agree with gwegan. I've had air leaks with my system but always related to the outlet side. Unless you're just talking about air getting into the system when the pump is off. In which case, leakage on the inlet side would cause air to be drawn back to the filter, from suction. On the outlet side, you may want to put your ear close to each connection and move the hose a bit. Twice now, I had a crack in the plastic barb (at the base) on the outlet side. Simply replaced the barb. Also, you probably already know this but for the sake of other readers, be sure to use a product like Great White (not crappy teflon tape) on all threaded connections.
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