I have a 3rd return inlet by my pool skimmer that I can also valve it in as a suction port occasionally if I wanted, to say use a manual vac hose, I'm looking for a simple/easily changed fitting to adapt it from the return eyeball jet that is installed most of the time and change it to a fitting I can attach my vac hose to here and there if/when I decide to break out the pole and vac head here and there instead of throwing my Aquabot in the pool?

I've searched around and found these 2 but I'm assuming there are others out there and was hoping on someones experience that may know a model# or name for such an adapter ?

http://www.sunplay.com/Vac-Lock-Cove...05-000-000.htm (not really ideal to use temporarily)

http://www.sunplay.com/Waterway-Hose...p/417-6040.htm (not sure if it would even work)

Thanks in advance,

Looks like I should have kept looking a little longer before posting this.....This looks like the easiest fitting to go with on a occasional basis