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Thread: Pool Opening Cloudy water

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    Pool Opening Cloudy water

    Moved into a house with above ground pool last year. Previous owners winterized and closed the pool. This is my first pool opening. I took time and read all the info I could get on this site and ordered K-2006 kit. I opened pool on Friday 06/06. water was dirty but clear but i can see lot of algea/derbis at the bottom of the pool. Here are my initial readings. FC 0 TC0 CYA 0 (not sure how to read , test strip too showed lighter color than very low), Ph around 6.2. I added baking soda to bring TA to 100, PH to 7.6. added 2 boxes of stabilizer to raise CYA 50 (test showed 35 initially, later settled to 55) . I let the filet run for two day until all the parameters reached target level with out adding any chlorine. Water was greenish , cloudy and I couldn't see the bottom anymore.
    I have added one bottle of liquid chlorine and one bottle of 121 oz of 7.86% yield Great Value bleach from Walmart ob Sunday night. By Monday evening test didnt show any chlorine. Took water to Leslie and they toll confirmed 0 FC and 0 TC.
    Here are test results from Leslie
    FC 0
    TC 0
    CH 230
    CYA 50
    TA 90
    PH 7.3
    TDS 800

    I have added two packets of shock. (Now I know I shouldn't do it. Luckily didn't raise CYA much.) and kept testing FC and kept adding walmart chlorine as per pool calculator guidelines to bring FC around 20. It almost 48 hrs keeping FC at 20 and tough water color changed from greeninsh to turquoise , water is still cloudy and I cannot see more than 1-2 feet inside water. Is this normal, will the water eventually become clear. Am I doing something wrong? Most youtube videos shows clear water in 24hrs. Its almost 48hrs and not much improvement in water clarity. Please advise.
    Ran overnight test today.
    FC Night 16 CC .44 (between .22 and .44) , FC morning 14.5 (or 15) CC .22 (one drop)- Added Bleach to bring it to 22.
    CYA 55
    Ph 7.6
    Sorry for the big post. I am new to this and I wanted to make sure I give all the details I have.

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    Re: Pool Opening Cloudy water

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    You need to continue to follow the ShockLevelAndMAINTAIN Process until you pass the 3 criteria to stop. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks ... sounds like you are just getting started.

    I am confused by your FC and CC numbers. There should only be 1 decimal place. Use a 10ml water sample so each drop is 0.5ppm. Also, order refill NOW because you will likely run out before you finish the SLAM ... there is a reason we recommend the TF-100.

    What kind of filter and pump do you have? Please add your pool details to your signature as described HERE as it will help us help you.
    Jason, TFP Moderator
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    Re: Pool Opening Cloudy water

    Thank you for quick reply. You are right I gave wrong CC values. I used 10 ml sample. It should read 1.0 ( after one drop there was hint of pink, very light . second drop made it crystal clear) night and 0.5 (1 drop ) today morning. I have a Hayward SwimPro Voyager (SW1000Z4) with cartridge filter in it. I have cleaned the filter before opening. Here is a link of a different thread showing the filter.
    Pool is a 20.5 feet circular with 4 feet depth above ground pool.
    Pump& Filter:
    Water (running vacumm now):
    I will read SLAM further and update the signature. Thank you.

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