Hey guys, 1st time post, I've really learned a lot about the pool chemistry and now I'm addicted to checking FC and saving money by not using the Pool Store guys. Appreciate all the good advice.

I just replaced my HSI due to it showing "open". Replaced it along with cleaning the burner box
And painting it due to rusting issues. After installing then new HSI,,I started up the unit and
Everything ran fine and the spa heated and mom was happy. The next day or so,,I tried to start it
And it would not fire off. Checked the HSI and it was open again, pulled burner box and found a wire
To the HSI was burned off the ceramic wire nut,,my fault.. Repaired connection, and it fired up great.
It was dark at the time and when i turned off the Heater, I noticed that the HSI was still glowing. It will
Only shut off by opening the main breaker. I traced the wires back to a power dist, block? Which are tied To main power and the Fenwal. I lifted the Ign 120, Ign 240 & L1 wires off the Fenwal terminal lugs and it's still on,,,, the diagram shows that one leg of power goes through the HSi and then back to the dist. Block which is hard to see/test where is goes from there. I've read On here about replacing the ignitor control board but I have the wires lifted and it's still glowing,,, any ideas?