Hello all,

First post...
While setting up my self-installed new Pentair IntelliFlow VF pump to run stand alone (no external control), I found some weird quirks. At first, I thought the pump was defective.

Besides having FILTER, VACUUM and MANUAL modes, the controller allows for up to 9 features, designated FEATURE 1 through FEATURE 9. FEATURES 1 and 2 are "on demand," press the FEATURE 1 button and pump will run for the preset flow and time. FEATURES 3-9 run daily with programmed flow rates and start and stop times.

FEATURES 3-9 cannot have overlapping time windows. Makes sense EXCEPT even when the feature is disabled, it's default time window interferes. The user cannot program an enabled different feature with an overlapping start-stop interval.

SYMPTOM: Let's say you want to program FEATURE 3 to run from 7:00AM to 9:00 AM to run the sweep. You can program FEATURE 3 start for 7:00AM but (out of the box) you cannot program stop at 9:00AM. The programming menu won't let you go past 7:40AM! Display does indicate "time conflict"; the behavior simply starts malfunctioning. UP and DOWN do not respond or respond strangely. For example, you have *hours* selected and pressing UP/DOWN changes *minutes* from :00 to :40! Very puzzling.

SOLUTION: Park all the disabled upper FEATUREs at time windows that cannot interfere. When you set the feature start time, the default stop time is one minute later. So:

Park FEATURE 9 at start = 1:00AM and stop = 1:01AM (default).
Park FEATURE 8 at start = 1:05AM and stop = 1:06AM (default).
Park FEATURE 7 at start = 1:10AM and stop = 1:11AM (default).
Park FEATURE 6 at start = 1:15AM and stop = 1:16AM (default).
Park FEATURE 5 at start = 1:20AM and stop = 1:21AM (default).
Park FEATURE 4 at start = 1:25AM and stop = 1:26AM (default).

Now you can program FEATURE 3 to run from 7:00AM to 9:00 AM!

This is clearly a Pentair IntelliFlo VF programming "bug." Disabled features should never affect enabled features. Pentair should fix this. Or program the default FEATURE time windows appropriately. At the very least, put a printed insert in the manual to explain why FEATURE programming misbehaves.

One more note...
If you want FILTER to run 24 hours, set program START = 6:00AM and STOP one minute earlier, 5:59AM. If you program START = STOP = 6:00AM, FILTER will not start at all. Display shows "Running Program" but never starts. At least this is in the fine print in the manual.

With just a few days service, I really like the pump's low energy needs for our 26,000 gallon in-ground pool...