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Thread: Help reconnecting my drain...PLEASE

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    Help reconnecting my drain...PLEASE

    Hello everyone, I became a pool owner a couple of years ago. I grew up in Southern California, when I was a teen, I helped my Dad every summer with his pool service business. I assisted him with a variety of repairs, installations and maintenance tasks. So when my family moved into our home, almost 3 years ago, I wasn't intimidated by the job of maintaining the pool. That was before I discovered what a mess the pool service guy,hired by the previous owners, had created with the plumbing! The pool was built in 1992, with a waterfall feature and solar heating panels.The original sand filter was replaced at some point, along with a higher hp pump, without consideration for the additional pressure feeding the solar plumbing. The solar plumbing was blown out, including the pressure gauge. What followed, I can only guess, but somewhere along the line the drain was disconnected and a valve or valves was replaced with a valve that I discovered was intended for use in freshwater(chlorine free)applications only! After several weeks of repeatedly having to prime the pump every day, I inspected the "check valve" and the gasket dissolved in my hand, in my attempt to replace the existing part, I searched the internet and could not find it on ANY pool supply sites,when I eliminated the "pool" from the search, I found it, at a POND/AQUARIUM supply site! I found the correct jandy valve, installed it and we don't have to prime the pump any more. I began to notice that when the system shut down, I could hear popping sounds and also water flowing, the plumbing lines going to the solar would literally shake on the wall. The line that returned to the pool and fed the solar was a maze of 90's, gate valves(3), check valves(2), and a jandy actuated valve(that was incorrectly installed). My husband and I decided that the cost of repairing the existing solar panels and damaged plumbing was more than we could take on right now, and we could always install a heating source down the road, so we decided to eliminate it from the system. I cut the pipe at the filter, then installed a jandy check valve at the filter, then to the skimmer and waterfall line, with a jandy gate valve at the waterfall return. This made a big difference in the pressure to the returns, but I am still getting air in the lines. I recently discovered an ortega valve between the pool and the equipment, when i opened it I got alot of popping and crackling sounds from both the valve and the equipment, and discovered that my pump was dry and had to add water to prime it. There were broken parts inside, and the gasket is worn. I intend to replumb the drain, but I'm not sure how to determine if the line is clear and functional. The same aquarium valve was installed on the drain line, before being disconnected entirely. It is my belief that the combination of the failing check valve, in combination with the possible failure of the ortega valve made the pool IMPOSSIBLE to prime, leading the guy to disconnect it. If anyone has any advice,guidance,suggestions on how to check/inspect the line to figure out if it can be reconnected I would be eternally grateful!!!

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    Re: Help reconnecting my drain...PLEASE


    You have access to the pipe to the drain, yes?

    Shove a garden hose down it and see if things get stirred up around the drain. Maybe even dump a bottle of food coloring (bleach will take care of it sonn enough) into the pipe and then stick the hose in and block it with a rag and have someone turn it on while you watch. If you see a big red or blue cloud come out the main drain, you know the pipe is clear.
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