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Thread: New Pool Owner. Can't get water blue/clear

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    New Pool Owner. Can't get water blue/clear

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    I have attached a picture of my pool. I have been living in this house for just over a week now and can't seem to get the water blue/clear. We have got it from brown, to an aqua like green. We have added shock 4 times, added algicide 3 times, put chlorine tabs in the filter, and have cleaned out that actual filter 3 different times. We have also put in our robotic cleaner and have taken him out to clean the bag about 10 different times, each time the bag has been filled with a black mud like substance. The water just will not get clear. This is our first time owning a pool so we are unsure of what our next step should be. Any and all input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: New Pool Owner. Can't get water blue/clear

    Read, read, read! Pool school and the many threads that are similar to yours.
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    Re: New Pool Owner. Can't get water blue/clear


    Having a sparkling pool by this weekend might be a challenge if you don't already have a proper test kit. The sooner you get one and get some good readings (pool store results are too unreliable to begin with and too inconvenient to get during the process to rely on them) we can walk you through it. If you want to skip some reading, just go to and get the TF100 with the XL option. It's a chunk o'change, but cheaper than a trip to the pool store, and the kit will help you get results!

    Rather than just point you at Pool School, how about checking out how some others have done it?!
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    Re: New Pool Owner. Can't get water blue/clear

    As PAGirl noted, your first step is a lot of reading in Pool School -- link in the upper right of every page here.

    Your next step is to get a very good test kit. The TF-100 from with the XL option and speedstir will give you the best value, with the Taylor K-2006 running a close second. Test strips and pool store testing won't cut it, you need to test often and accurately.

    In Pool School, there is a section dealing with this very problem. What you are going to do is called SLAM.

    You will need to stock up on bleach/liquid chlorine. Stop using the algaecide and shock products. They do no good, and mess up your water even more. Explanation in Pool School in the ABC's of water chemistry section.
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    Re: New Pool Owner. Can't get water blue/clear

    That doesn't really look that bad so rest assured you can get it clear and sparkling. The first thing you need to do is post a complete set of test results including CYA level. In order to do that you will need a good test kit. The general consensus on here is to use the TF 100 with the XL option and the speed stir. Look at it as an investment in your pool and you will save enough money to pay for it many times over. Even more important is that you will learn how to care for your pool.

    Read up on here but the main idea is you know what your water chemistry is and only add what you need. The algaecide, shock etc are not needed. What you will need to get it squared away initially and then to maintain it is liquid chlorine. The tabs you are using will add CYA or Calcium and that will eventually cause an issue.

    There is success story after success story on here .... and tons of happy, knowledgable pool owners!
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