Hello friends,
D.E. was being left at the bottom of the pool and decided to get to the reason why. I checked the filter grates and MANIFOLD 4000 SERIES 8 HOLE and both came out ok. I then removed the rotor valve from my Pentair 4048. After a close inspection of my NORYL ROTOR VALVE 073369 the CREAM COLORED seal was badly damage. When I tried to purchase the broken seal I was told that this part was OBSOLETE. It turns out that the new rotor valve is the 073370. And this valve takes the tapered seal.
My rotor valve is good and I only need the seal. Does anyone know where I can purchase an old stock 071719 seal gasket for this rotor? My rotor number is 073369.
I do not want to purchase the new 073370 style NORYL ROTOR VALVE W/TAPERED SEAL 073370 because it may not work in my filter.
Please advise if have had this situation.