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Thread: New Plaster Start Up Mistake - I SLAMMed the Pool

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    New Plaster Start Up Mistake - I SLAMMed the Pool

    Background: I had my pool replastered (white) on May 24. I had some trouble with ph and chlorine during the first few days to a week. The ph was always high until I added enough MA. I have been following the plaster contractor's instructions. It said to keep FC=3. I had trouble maintaining 3 so about a week into the procedure (May 31) I slammed the pool at 10 for several days. It took about 4 days but on June 4 it passed the OCLT. I have let it drift down and now am keeping the FC at 3 to 4.
    Today: I found the new pool/plaster instructions on TFP. I says NOT to slam the pool for 30 days. Also it says no swimming during start up. I assume the start up period is 30 days. I let the kids into the pool yesterday and my wife swam today.
    Also today, I noticed what I think is scaling in several spots. Little bumps on the bottom - maybe 6 to 8 total.
    Typical readings in the morning now are: FC=3 TA=90 CH=225 ph=7.8
    I add some MA in the morning to correct and some bleach at night to account for daylight losses. CYA is being brought up to 20. Started on June 2. I will then step up to CYA=30.

    I have two questions:
    1. Is the scaling (if that's what I'm seeing) caused by slamming? Is there anything else I may have screwed up by slamming?
    2. Why is no swimming allowed for 30 days? Just curious.

    I don't know if I can do anything with the scaling. Still reading on the forum. The pool is gorgeous in the sunlight, but I'm seeing what appears to be rippled or bumpy areas in the shade. My wife said those areas are smooth, so I assume they are not currently a problem.
    Thanks, Tom
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    Re: New Plaster Start Up Mistake - I SLAMMed the Pool

    It sounds like scaling, but there are a couple of less likely things that could appear similar.

    Various sources give wildly different advice about how long you should avoid swimming. In the first few hours you could damage the plaster, after that it is more of an issue of making sure the chemistry is stable.

    Your current numbers are good. But the PH was probably too high while you were SLAMing.
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