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Thread: Sodium hypochloride

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    Sodium hypochloride

    So I have a coworker who complains about his green pool and how he's been working on it pretty much for at least 5 weeks now. He keeps telling me it is clear but just cloudy. I saw it when I rode past yesterday on the bike trail above his house. It's not cloudy, it's definitely green.

    He keeps telling me how he keeps adding bag after bag of shock. He won't take my suggestion on using just bleach and how to go about raising and maintaining a high chlorine level. He adds a bag of shock and sees about 5 ppm in a green pool and thinks that will take care of it and doesn't do anything else for a few days. It's really frustrating to listen to him, but I have to as we share an office.

    That's not why I am posting this thread. I mention that because it leads up to what I discovered at work. This coworker talked to our water guy from the maintenance shop (we work in a manufacturing facility.) I was talking to the maintenance guy and he says he knows nothing about pools and asks what you would use to chlorinate. Told him I use just straight bleach (my SWG broke the end of last year.) I was telling him how the pucks and shock that coworker uses is just sodium hypochlorite but with other stuff you don't want to continuously add. He got it pretty quick when he said, "so the pool chlorine is just sodium hypochlorite, so same as regular bleach?" See, it's not a difficult concept. This guy gets it with in 12 seconds.

    So we are walking down the aisleway past where his water station is and he points, "see, we use sodium hypochlorite here."

    This is the reason for my writing this. My eyes practically fall out of my skull when they pop open and my jaw drops with what I see. There sitting over in the corner is six 55 gallon barrels of 15% sodium hypochlorite!

    I looked at him and warned him, "if you happen to see in about an hour from now, a black VW Jetta drive down through here and stop, just look the other way, LOL

    Thought you guys would like that story. I was shocked though when he told me what we pay for a 55 gallon drum of 15%. $550! That's $10 per gallon of 15%. I buy Austins Pool Shock at a small local store which is just 10% sodium hypochlorite as opposed to the same brand 5.25% bleach and it cost $3.29/gallon. The equivalent of 55 gallons at 15% would be 83 bottles of my 10% and only $273.

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    Re: Sodium hypochloride

    That is a super interesting story, it makes me wonder if it gets progressively more expensive to get higher and higher concentrations of sodium hypochlorite.

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    Re: Sodium hypochloride

    I want a big drum full of 15% sodium Hypochlorite... but not for $550! Jeez

    Some people have a road block in their head and can not, for the life of them, clear the street to see what is going on. I'm just sayin...
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    Re: Sodium hypochloride

    Wow that is really expensive. Wonder if you could safe the company a lot of money using a lower %?
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    Re: Sodium hypochloride

    I suspect part of the price is that it is 15% in a 55 gallon drum making it haz mat (small gallon containers are exempted from haz mat regulations even when you are dealing with many cases of them) requiring it to be delivered on a truck with haz-mat placards, Haz-Mat endorsed CDL driver, etc.
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    Re: Sodium hypochloride

    Sounds like your co-worker needs one of those 55 gallon drums floating in his pool... with a few holes in it.
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