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Thread: Aquabot problems

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    Aquabot problems

    Hi guys,

    I'm new to this forum and hoping someone might help me out. I've got a fairly old Aquabot, one of the originals I think. It just says Aquabot on the side. At the end of the season last year it stopped moving. It would pump but the tracks wouldn't move. I packed it away and after opening the pool a couple of weeks ago decided to try and fix it. I've had it apart before and found it fairly simple so I dove in. Like I said before, the pump worked but the track motor didn't so being the genius that I am I ordered a used motor off ebay for $125 (better than 3-4 hundred for a new one, right?). So I get the new (used) motor, install it and hook up the wires temporarily just to the motor. Turn on the power, 2-3 seconds later she starts turning the tracks. Great, right? So I wire in the pump and turn on the power. The pump starts but no drive motor. Hmmm. OK, so on a hunch I take out the new motor and replace it with my old motor, wire up just the motor, power on and waddaya know, the old motor works by itself. Wire it back up with the pump and you guessed it, nothing but the pump.

    This is driving me a little crazy, does anyone have any ideas? Please help!


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    Re: Aquabot problems

    Hey Ron

    Are you sure the drive motor isn't running ? When it's turned on and in the water, turn it on it's side and check to see if the dive gears are moving. If the gears are moving but not the tracks then the 2 drive belts need to be replaced. An easy and cheap fix, these drive belts are a wear item.. I hope that's the problem.

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