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Thread: My Great Pool Debacle

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    My Great Pool Debacle

    I'm so sad and frustrated and disappointed - I think this is a place I can cry and people will understand my pain. waaah

    Long story - somewhat shortened:

    Rescued a dog. He was a doofus. Tore the white binding strap thingy on my intex ultra frame before we could find a home for him.
    Liner was old, I figured due for a replacement anyway. Cost to replace: $250 from intex, I can save that up by summer. right?

    Meanwhile curve ball: breast cancer diagnosis, insurance fail and money is tight.
    So I set to finding a solution (checking online for a liner so I can buy it sooner, yet still trying to save up in case)

    Another curve ball: Friends come clean while I'm out of town having chemo, oldest son doesn't know I want to keep the legs and frame - friends gather it all up and haul it away. Viola! Gone pool! waaah!!!
    **good news** Friends haven't taken their scrap metal haul in yet - poles are supposedly still safe and to be returned home. yay!

    So here I am back to "replace pool liner" mode. Craigslist guy has a couple 26' liners listed for $150. I call him on a desperate whim. He says he has a 16' liner he came across in his shed - opened box, not sure what all is in there, but I can have it all for $75. yay!

    Husband drives the hour and a half to pick it up and doesn't bother to note that it is, in fact, not an intex ultra frame pool, but a pro series something or other of the same look and size. ...having just had chemo, it was days later before I had the strength to go out to the van and check it out. (obviously hubby does not share my passion for the pool. The water is everything. Even cleaning it is peaceful - anyone here know what I mean??)

    So disappointed. Looked it up online. Mixed reviews. Figured it will be decent - if nothing else, good enough to get through this summer and this stupid treatment process.

    Just now this evening had the strength to go inventory the box. The liner box has never even been opened. It's pristine. So is the skimmer box, etc. The T-joints and feet, however have been attacked by a locust plague apparently - there are no legs at all and varying numbers of those other parts in the box, but nowhere near the number needed. waaahhh!

    I also noted with sadness that those T-joints are much smaller looking than what I recall the ultra frame ones being. (they're still not back yet, so I couldn't compare them, but hubby agrees they look too small) That's a bad sign - if the frame is that small, what size is the sleeve they go in on the liner?

    I haven't gotten the liner out to see if I can eyeball the size of the sleeve to even imagine if the intex frame will fit that liner. waaahh!!

    Including the $76 I just 2 nights ago spent on a gorilla pad liner for the bottom of it, I've got about $150 invested and no current hope of a pool. waaahhh!!

    Now the dilemma, try to sell this one? Just give up? Try to put this liner together with the intex poles first? (if/when they ever come back!) (then if they don't fit, don't I run the risk of not being able to sell it because it's opened and no proof it's not damaged? At least this way, in the box, it's a safe bet for someone to buy it) Try to find someone selling poles and parts for this exact pool on craigslist or something? (I don't really want to invest in this brand, I don't think. If I'm going to spend $250 when it's all said and done I could just order a new intex liner)

    And here I was thinking my biggest hurdle was going to be talking someone into leveling the ground where I want the pool moved to. (and then recently, the added wondering if I'd be able to figure out how to fit my SWG to the pro series simply and inexpensively and quickly enough! lol)

    I'm so discouraged and frustrated and disappointed right now. Bleh! I know in the grand scheme of things, it's all minor, but it means a lot to me - one joy in the midst of sorrows and all that! ha!

    Summary of where I am right now: One ProSeries 16x48 "ultra frame style" pool liner, One (believed to be still in existence) frame for an Intex 16x48 pool (hopefully all the parts are still accounted for and will be returned soon!) Zero idea how to fix this. (again, waaahhh!!)

    Thanks for listening and letting me vent. I'll keep the post updated as the saga unfolds... (and hopefully smooths flat on a gorilla pad and fills with crystal clear water! haha)

    Meanwhile - If anyone has any solutions / ideas, I am open to hearing them!

    ETA: I just read this back and it's very choppy. and not shortened much at all! lol sorry! may have been better not to try and shorten it. lol
    Terre Haute, IN
    18 X 48 Intex Ultra-Frame AG
    Intex Saltwater Generator/sand filtration system

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    Re: My Great Pool Debacle

    here is a link with some pro-series parts if that is any help.

    I have a hunch the intex frame would fit but it would probably be good to try it. too bad that means opening the liner package.
    somewhere around 6,800 gal 18 x 4 foot round Intex Ultra Frame AG, finished filling August 29, 2013. toy pump w/ "A" cartridge up and running next day --- July 2015 upgraded to Krystal Clear 3000 GPH pump and 16" sand filter --- May 2016 Intex auto cleaner and in July salt system and Hayward skimmer

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    Re: My Great Pool Debacle

    So sorry to hear of your diagnosis of breast cancer.

    I can't help you on how good ProSeries are but I've seen a few pools around and they don't look that bad. Almost the same as Intex pools. They just have the skimmer box on them.

    I do know how relaxing taking care of the water is. I actually enjoy it but right now, it's pretty painful for me because of my shoulder. Ugh... Going to surgeon on Monday, finally! I hope you can get this all sorted and have a pool soon! I especially hope you beat the breast cancer! Good luck!!!
    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

    24' Sharkline Venture De Filter

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    Re: My Great Pool Debacle

    Wow Sweetie! I'll be praying for you. I understand the calming effect of water. There are few things that can help when I'm in a funk: floating and my horses. Simple "therapies" are good for the soul.
    I can't help with any of the pool problems. Here's hoping someone can!
    I can, however, be a cheerleader for you! You got this! Beat breast cancers ***!

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    Re: My Great Pool Debacle

    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis.
    I can only imagine that the intex frame will work with the pro series liner especially since they are the same size diameter and wall height. Hope you can get it all figured out before the summer heat really sets in.

    24'x52" Artesian w/ Portifino liner - Hayward 1hp powerflo matrix w/24" sand filter - AquaTrol RJ SWG. Solar heating to come. -

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    Re: My Great Pool Debacle

    Thank you all for your kind replies and support! )

    Pv2 - I did look at the link there and had seen that in my searching, but sadly the cost of buying 12 legs at $30 a pop makes that a no-go solution. Thanks for the link though!

    Casey - I pray all goes well with your shoulder and surgeon visit. Sounds miserable and painful. Turns out shoulders come in pretty darn handy. As a holder of a PT Assistant license I have to say, follow your Physical Therapy instructions, whatever you do! lol

    You guys are the greatest! And your posts made me smile. Happy to meet fellow water lovers.
    Terre Haute, IN
    18 X 48 Intex Ultra-Frame AG
    Intex Saltwater Generator/sand filtration system

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