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Thread: Questions about softening a chlorinated pool

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    Questions about softening a chlorinated pool

    Hello, I've just transitioned from an in-ground salt water generated pool to an above ground chlorinated pool. (I sold the house that had the in-ground pool.)

    What I really liked about that salt water generated pool was how comfortable the water was, and how clean it felt. I admit I haven't yet gotten into my new above ground pool, but I know from experience (because my first pool in the 90's was similar to what I have now) that this water probably won't feel as comfortable.

    The pool store I went to sold me proteam supreme, and I just read one of your stickies, that a nice side effect is that it makes the water feel softer. But I had proteam supreme back in the 90's, and it didn't feel as nice as the salt water pool, in my opinion.

    I also read here in this forum that some people have added salt to their chlorine pool, even though they don't have a SWG (salt water generater). That sounds very interesting to me, and if that makes the water feel nicer, I'd like to try that.

    Is this okay to do in a vinyl liner pool? I have about 7600 gallons of water. How much salt should I add to that to do this? I think I read here that I should seek a concentration of 2000 ppm, but I don't know what that equates to in terms of pounds of salt. I'm guessing I could go to a pool store and have them tell me what my salt concentration is, once I add the bags.

    I also feel kind of bad, because I bought a bucket of chlorine tabs, and now I'm reading on your site that you recommend liquid chlorine bleach. Maybe since I already spent the money, I'll use up the chlorine I've got, and then switch over to bleach when I'm done with it. But the nice thing about the chlorine tabs is that my automatic chlorinator will dispense it gradually. I'm guessing with liquid bleach I'd have to pour it in a lot more often than I have currently have to put chlorine tabs into my chlorinator, but I'm just guessing.
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    Re: Questions about softening a chlorinated pool

    2000 would be a good level to shoot for. Use PoolMath to tell you how much salt would be needed. Realize that you are not likely at zero.

    Also check with PoolMath that the tablets will not add too much CYA.
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    Re: Questions about softening a chlorinated pool

    What's so bad about spending 5-10 minutes a day communing with your pool, learning the ins and outs of it and adding just the right amount of chlorine?
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    Re: Questions about softening a chlorinated pool

    Hi Zindar,
    about those chlorine tabs. The reason we shy away from them is because they also add CYA to the pool. When the FC from the tab is gone, the CYA is still there.
    It keeps adding and adding CYA until it takes way more FC to overcome the CYA and FC becomes unsustainable. This is when the pool turns green.
    When the CYA becomes this high, the only remedy is to drain water from the pool.

    Using liquid chlorine eliminates the build up of CYA and doesnt add anything except Chlorine and a tiny bit of salt.

    Its highly recommended to aquire a good test kit, so you can monitor the pool chemistry on a regualr basis and just like a plant, or human, feed it only what it really needs. here is a link to the proper test kits. \

    If you care to explore TFP method of pool care futher, there are many articles and tons of information in Pool School. The big button at top right of hte page will take you there.
    Divin Dave,
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    Re: Questions about softening a chlorinated pool

    The trichlor tabs are useful if you actually want to add CYA to your pool for any reason.

    I think some people keep the tabs around to use when they go on holiday and can't tend to the pool daily.
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    Re: Questions about softening a chlorinated pool

    I don't know if its remotely related, but a friend from afar who also has a pool always comments on how nice my water feels. Can't say the same about his. The difference is that I use liquid chlorine, and he's hooked on tabs. The other difference is my water stays nicely balanced due to preventative monitoring, and that I also add borates (proteam supreme is just that, and does tend to give the water a silky feel.)

    The other byproduct I suspect of using the trouble free tactics with respect to chlorine levels in relation to cya coupled with slamming if necessary (which I've never had to do since the very first swamp recovery) is that there are no ccs accumulating.

    Taken together, my hunch is that the entire treatment approach optimizes the water's decidedly better quality.

    So sure, add salt...and proteam supreme...but if you consider the daily chlorination plan with liquid chlorine I believe ultimately you'll net the kind of results you're looking for. )

    Also, you could get a swg for the pool if you wanted...that might be more to your liking in terms of maintenance
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