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Thread: new pool owner

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    new pool owner

    I'm probably asking something that has been asked before but I couldn't find the answer I'm looking for. I don't completely understand how TO affects my PH. I'm trying to balance my pool so that I don't have problems later. The water is crystal clear but some of my readings are out of the range I see in the Pool School. My readings are:
    FCL - 1.3
    TCL - 1.42
    PH - 7.9
    TA - 153
    CH - 162
    CYA - 35

    I realize my PH is not that far out of spec, but I'd like to keep it on the lower end of the range to compensate for heavy swimmer load and rain. (Kids swim in it daily!). I've already used a gallon of MA and it only went from 8.0 to 7.9!

    Btw - I'm using a LaMotte ColorQ 2056 Test kit with fresh reagents and CYA tablets.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: new pool owner

    First, Welcome to TFP.

    Second, you will do much better with a recommended test kit which you can review here Test Kit Comparison. The TF100 is the best option as it will give you more reagents than the K2006.

    Third, Pool School is your friend. Please read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry, Lowering Total Alkalinity, and use PoolMath for all of your additions. You will need to purchase a good bit of MA to complete this. It's difficult to say how long it will take.

    And last, but not least, I would suggest you become familiar with the Chlorine CYA Chart. You should stop using the trichlor pucks soon as your CYA will continually rise and you'll have to drain/refill the pool. You should switch to unscented bleach and add it daily.
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    Re: new pool owner

    Welcome BigD!

    Is this a new pool? If so, you should expect a rapid pH rise for a while. In any case, the rise will slow as the TA comes down, but do not focus on TA.

    Focus on pH and push it to the lower to mid 7 range when you dose. Not lower than 7.2 when you figure the dose. Depending on the size of your pool, what you've had to use so far may not be that much acid at all. Please add your pool info to your signature line so we can help you more easily.
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    ABC's Of Pool Chemistry, Test Kits, SLAM Your Pool
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    Re: new pool owner

    Thanks Casey and Brushpup for your replies! And to clarify a couple of things that I was not very clear about in my original post:

    I'm not using trichlor, I'm using 10% liquid bleach to chlorinate. I added about 4 lbs of stabilizer to bring CYA up to 35.

    I have been using Pool Math to determine my chemical additions.

    And yes, this is a fairly new pool. Installed July of 2013, filled with well water, used Ferri-iron tabs to clear up. Used trichlor pucks from Doheny pretty much the rest of last swim season. Decided to try to save $$$ this year by using liquid chlorine.

    The water right now actually looks amazing. I just want to make sure it stays that way. Not only am I a new pool owner, I'm fairly new to posting and things. I hope I added my details to my signature correctly. Please be patient with me if I ask something that is glaringly obvious to TroubleFreePool experts!
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