I have done some searching, both on here and just in general. I have come to the conclusion that pretty much any suction side above ground automatic cleaner will work with my setup. I currently run the larger intex sand filter. I did notice however that most of the "click clack" type cleaners do not come with a debris bag. A optional inline debris filter must be purchased separately increasing the cost. Of course if you own a thru wall skimmer with a vac plate I assume you can run a bag over your basket. I however still have the over the wall skimmer I personally think it does a better job at cleaning my surface. So with my setup I would be connecting directly to my suction port with no skimmer filtration and would only have my pre-pump basket as my skimmer and I do not like that.

From what I have read this zappy vac has a built in debris filter so it will catch most stuff before it goes into my pump. I do have my manual vacuum which I could possibly turn the body of into a inline filter for a different vac that does not have the built in filter.

Would like to know what others have or if they own the zappy and what they think.