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Thread: How urgent to correct high results?

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    How urgent to correct high results?

    Hello first time questioning the forum...

    Temp 82F
    FC - 4
    CC - 8
    PH - 7.5
    TA - 200
    CH - 400
    CYA - 120
    Taylor K-2005

    Nearing the first year on this (my first) pool, originally swamp green when we bought the house. We had the seller (attempt) to clear it up before we closed escrow, they got it a cloudy grey after shocking it and flushing the filter... When we got it cleared up (with a shock treatment from a friend of a friend pool guy) we noticed a rather unpleasant grey concrete patch near the middle of the pool (no wonder seller was dragging out getting it clear) and and overall deteriorated surface, crackly, pitted, sand papery, with scaled tiles.
    I only had one algae bloom, last summer, and corrected with algicide and store bought shock treatment (I know...) otherwise it's been surprisingly clear all year. Recently added a Sparkling Pool/sink and sweep liquid that helped remove suspended solids left by a few windy weeks then SLAMed the pool and cleaned the filter.
    I've been able to keep it clear by using tips from these threads and learned to clean the filter watching YouTube. Until recently, when I was gifted a test kit, I had been using strips to test the water (I know...), which brings me, at last, to my inquiry - now that I know how high my results are how concerned should I be about correcting the High CYA and hardness? Is it urgent, or can it wait 'til the end of summer maybe?

    Ps. I am working on lowering the high TA with acid, then aerating.
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    Re: How urgent to correct high results?

    Your numbers do need some attention.

    First thing is the CYA. Unfortunately that will require a drain/refill cycle or three. PoolMath suggests 67% water replacement.

    You state you have a K-2005 DPD test kit. With that high a CYA, how did you SLAM your pool? CYA/FC chart calls for FC of 39 for 100 CYA.

    Your TA would need to be addressed if it doesn't change with the water replacement.

    Your FC of 4, and CC of 8 says you still have a lot of organics in your water, that must be dealt with by a proper (S)hock(L)evel(A)nd(M)aintain -- this means your hold the high FC until you pass the three criteria, These being clear water, .5 CC, and losing no more that 1 FC overnight.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Note: The K-2005 is not the same as the K-2006!
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    Re: How urgent to correct high results?

    You need to stop worrying about the TA and pH for just a moment and do drain refills until you get the CYA reading down to at least 50ppm. There is no way you will be able to feed the pool all of that chlorine which is just ridiculous. It will be so much easier to handle with the lower CYA and then, we can adjust the pH and start the SLAM. Your CC's are way to high. I would also suggest you look into a better test kit like the TF100 as you will get more testing reagents for the money than the K2006. You'll be SLAM'ing so you're best deal will be the XL.

    While you are pondering your next steps, please read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry and Test Kit Comparison.
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    Re: How urgent to correct high results?

    Howdy, neighbor!

    A drain is in your future. That's the bottom line. Maintaining a pool with astronomical CYA is possible; I've done it. I don;t recommend it, but water restrictions and all that left me no choice when i moved in. That said, maintaining and clearing are two entirely different matters. You'll never get the free chlorine high enough to eradicate all the algae that causes cloudiness and creates the combined chloramines with your CYA level so high. As a side benefit, you'll lower the CH.

    Floating your pool due to a high water table shouldn't be a worry, unless you're right near a creek with water in it, which seems doubtful this year. Replace 3/4 or so and get that CYA number down to something useful. The pool water can be used on the lawn, as much as it can absorb. Share it with the neighbors, too.

    Once that is done and the water has had a chance to mix well, post the next set of readings and we'll guide you from there. Don't dump pool water down the storm drain if it has any chlorine in it. Public Works might come after you.
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    Re: How urgent to correct high results?

    All right, did a drain and refill, and upgraded my test kit.

    I drained and refilled about 10.5k gal or 60%, a figure I got from the pool calculator. I bought the FAS/DPD test on Amazon.

    As the pool was filling the last 5% or so I added a bottle of bleach, after it finally finished filling I started the pump and added two more bottles of bleach.

    This mornings test results:

    Is this going to be manageable for a season? Or am I destined to replace another 30% right away?

    Thanks for the advice!
    17.5k gallon, 30'x16'x5.5', in ground plaster, 1hp Purex WhisperFlow pump, 48sf Purex FNS Plus DE filter

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    Re: How urgent to correct high results?

    In my opinion it is manageable. What I would do is use the pool water for watering your grass and plants and then top off the pool to replace the water you've used. It will slowly lower your CYA to a more manageable level and won't kill the wallet with a large water bill. Just be sure to keep you FC at or above the levels required for your current CYA.
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