I didn't want to necro my old thread, but wanted to provide updates and new questions
Old One => Trying to get it right this year: http://www.troublefreepool.com/threa...ight-this-year

So lets start with some updates:
I used the normal sized skimmer, as the wide-mouth one looked like it would put too much stress on the wall.
The truck bead paint did not last on the ladder, so I scrapped the whole thing.
Made a new ladder with ABS, also made an bottom drain and a 3 return pipe with it. (this got rid of the paint and rust chips, and evened out water temperature very well)

There wasn't a single stain remover that could clear up the mess from year 3 and to reflect back to that year the other half of the neighbors tree fell last winter destroying my new cover the air bag and my fence, the fence saved the pool from any damages though.

Other then that and one oops by me the pool was trouble free
About that oops, I turned up my salt generator to compensate for the increased usage and temperature, but forgot to turn it down when this got too cold to swim yet too soon to close for the winter.
Well one morning I came out to the generator beeping the low salt error, my first though was "BS there has been no splash out or rain". Getting closer to the pool it was very easy to smell what happened.
All the salt was turned into chlorine I couldn't even test how much I had because it was off the charts lol it was strong enough to bleach the black ABS parts to a light gray.
Sadly though my vinyl was bleached (worse where the sun hit the longest) and any leaves that sat in there very long became white and stained the vinyl -_-

Now for whats happening:
Well with all the landscaping happening this year I'll be moving the pool. This brings up an opportunity to fix the looks of the vinyl.

Now this pool is an Intex Ultraframe, so I cant just pull out an old liner and replace it. I do have the advantage of it being dry though.

I was thinking about using the vinyl dye used on boat seats or soft top cars etc, the type that comes in a bottle and is applied with a rag or sponge, not the spray can stuff.
I had considered gluing down chunks of vinyl in an pattern, but the amount of glue & material didn't seem sane.
Thought about placing a liner inside but I don't have any way to hold the top in place, and wasn't sure if one would fit. (other downside is 16' is not a normal size in Canada, we go from 15' to 18' so custom or import will probably be needed)

Not interested in scrapping the pool and getting a new one, the metal is in good shape (I used WD40 on the inside before assembling) and other then visually so is the vinyl.

Thought and experiences are welcomed