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Thread: Hello from Stedman NC and need opinions

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    Hello from Stedman NC and need opinions

    Hello everyone,

    I have been reading quite a bit (like nightly for the last 4 weeks), and we are at the turning point on pulling the trigger. I had the local builder over (who is highly recommended by friends who also used this company) and here is what was quoted:

    -16X32 Fuzion Composite wall pool, with 27 mil premium liner (Caesars Palace Royal Prism design) I opted for the 2' radial corners and 3.5-8 foot with diving board
    -4 returns, 2 skimmers, 1hp Hayward Super Pump VS pump, 300LB Hayward Sand filter and the Hayward Aqua Plus (PL-Plus SWG)
    -We opted for a 8' wide outside step
    - Marine Grade ladders and handrails
    - Full start up, 1 month worth of chems (lifetime 25% on chems), pool cover and they haul all dirt offsite after backfill is complete
    -144 feet of 54" tall aluminum fencing and gate (required here in NC)
    -LED multi function light
    -Barracuda Pool cleaner (included in base price)
    -Rope and floats, all electrical including terminations for light poles
    -8' of concrete at each end of pool and 4' on the sides.
    -19' of sidewalk from porch to pool deck.

    They handle all permits, pour a full footer and tamp the backfill to ensure proper settling prior to pouring deck. Start to finish is 5-6 weeks.

    Everything listed would be 35400.00

    Please let me know your thoughts (be gentle I am a noob!)

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    Re: Hello from Stedman NC and need opinions

    So I found another PB that is a local owner/installer. He also has installed and maintains a pool for a friend on mine. The only issue is that he is not onboard with SWG or salt water in general (due to corrosion).

    20X46 True L
    Hayward 1.0 Super Pump
    Hayward 300Lb pro series sand filter
    Hayward LED lights (2)
    2 main drains, 2 skimmers, 4 returns
    8' granite grey steps
    Zodiac G3 pool cleaner
    "Frog" (I know..I know) not going to install.
    4' concrete all the way around, 10 ' at the entrance
    6 yard concrete patio upgrade

    all done for about 34000

    I like this option so far,,,,,,,,

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    Re: Hello from Stedman NC and need opinions

    I really can't comment on pricing as my pool came with the house, but quote 2 is not only missing the SWG but also the -144 feet of 54" tall aluminum fencing and gate (required here in NC) from quote 1. That could be quite expensive.
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    Re: Hello from Stedman NC and need opinions

    We love our SWG and here in NH, fencing is about $30 to $40 a foot installed. I would think the pool builder would give his opinion on a certain item but if you wanted it he should put it in for you as it is your pool.
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    Re: Hello from Stedman NC and need opinions

    I wish I lived in NC!

    We are in Northeast Ohio and the quotes we are getting for a 38x16x27x18 True L, equipped similarly to yours, are $50,000-$54,000.

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    Re: Hello from Stedman NC and need opinions

    Here's my 2 cents:

    We live northwest of Charlotte in Newton, but we went with a fiberglass pool and spa. And, they had to be installed on a steep slope which required a significant retaining wall and steps to be part of the build. So, I can't comment on price.

    Go with the SWG. IMHO, it makes the water feel "smoother" on your skin, and you avoid having to buy and add chlorine. With SWG you maintain a level of around 3,200 ppm which is 1/10 the salt level of the ocean. There is no salty taste. Also, by having the SWG make chlorine, you can maintain a lower and more stable chlorine level in the pool.

    Our fiberglass pool about 16' x 37'. When we were looking at other customer installations of the same pool we installed, one bit of feedback we got from one customer was that they regretted only getting one light in their pool. We had 3 LED lights installed in the pool and 1 in the spa. Less than 3 in the pool would not have provided even lighting.

    If you are going to follow the BBB method recommended here on TFTP, the discount on pool chemicals from the first PB won't mean much. You'll be buying your "chemicals" at Walmart/Lowes/Home Depot.

    As tim5055 said, fencing is expensive. We went with 5 foot aluminum fencing and needed nearly 225' of it....big bucks!

    Good luck with your pool, and be sure to post lots of pictures during the build.
    Vince L

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