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Thread: Chem problems

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    Chem problems

    Pool: outdoor
    15000 gal
    Pebble tech (2002) gunnite
    Jandy HE2 heater (380,000btu)
    Intelliflo pump
    Cartridge filter system (4 filters) cleaned regularly
    Pool temp kept 90 degrees

    Pool used daily - one to two people
    Water is sparkling clear

    Oto test kit plus TFP test kit
    FC 3 to 12ppm
    TA 100
    CH 400
    CYA 60

    Clorox conc for chlorine (8.25%)
    Muratic acid 15% (Home Depot)
    Baking Soda

    Cannot hold chlorine levels or ph for more than a day
    Adding 1 gal muratic every 2 or 3 days to keep ph in 7.5 range
    Chlorine levels do not hold for more than 2 days...

    Watch the pool chem religiously

    What am I doing wrong?
    Is it the water temp?

    Any suggestions
    I am afraid to be gone more than a few days
    The pool would be a mess

    Just started using chlorox this spring
    Had a salt generator prior

    Thank you

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    Re: Chem problems

    Welcome to TFP!

    You need to add chlorine daily. Generally enough to provide 2-3ppm to your pool, but that varies with conditions. With your CYA at 60ppm, you should never let your FC drop below 5ppm and should try to keep it at 7ppm.

    Some water just wants to go to a high pH. Where does it go if you don't lower it?
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    Re: Chem problems

    40-60 oz of MA in a 15k gallon pool 2-3 times per week every sounds like A LOT.

    Are you running a waterfall or spa spillover constantly?
    25000 gal in ground plaster. '79 vintage. Cartridge filter.

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    Re: Chem problems

    You are keeping the TA rather high and the pH rather low. If you let the TA settle down to maybe 70, maybe 60, you should see the pH stabilize and you won't need so much MA nor baking soda. It is OK to let the pH go to 7.8, I find that everyone is fine with swimming underwater with no eye discomfort at 7.8 and 7.9 which is where my pool tends toward.

    Why did you discontinue the SWG? If I had one, I'd keep it! Less frequent tending than manual chlorine adding. I understand that the costs are pretty much the same over the longer run.
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    Re: Chem problems

    Have seem ph in 8 range
    But have added more muratic to bring it down

    Thought the sodium hypochlorite may be producing NaOH to bring ph up?
    Also NaHCO3 may be doing the same ?


    Does pool temp blow out the free Cl?


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    No water falls
    Do run the pump at 500 rpm 24/7

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    Re: Chem problems

    Thanks for the info

    Swg discarded after replacing gen cart 4 times over 10 yrs
    Probably should have purch #5
    Lots of corrosion on pool heater cabinet from the salt

    I will say I get more eye irritation from the water now w/o the salt

    Tried increasing chlorine production on swg but produced a gel like substance in the pool
    Ever hear of that? maybe I am jinxed
    That was the last straw for the swg

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