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Thread: New Home/Pool - What to Ask?

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    New Home/Pool - What to Ask?

    Like many people, I'm closing on a house with a pool next week. The current owners didn't open it last year, and they're bringing in pool guys to drain, clean, and refill it before we close next week. I'm planning on going out to the house while the pool guys are working on it to ask some questions, but I don't know what I don't know. I've got a list of questions I want to ask below, but wanted opinions on if I'm missing something.

    Size of the pool and number of gallons?
    What type and HP of pump?
    What type of filter?
    How do I turn on and off the pump and heater?
    Is everything still working?

    I ordered my TF-100 yesterday, and hopefully with the new water I'll just have to bring the levels up and then keep them there. We're taking a few weeks to paint/clean before we actually move in, so would it make sense to use chlorine pucks during that time to bring the CYA up (I'll get an actual test once the new water's in) since we won't be there every day?



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    Re: New Home/Pool - What to Ask?

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    Well if the water is going to be starting from scratch ... does not really matter too much how they used to do the chemistry.

    Some of those questions, they will not know the answer too like volume. Just do a few measurements and calculate an estimate. And all the equipment should have labels on it. Add pictures here and we can help ID everything.

    Really the important thing is to verify that everything is running and there are no leaks (air or water).

    I would add about 20ppm of CYA right away and then you should be able to use tablets initially until the CYA comes up. You should test the FC when you are there and make sure it is not too low, supplement with bleach if required.
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    Re: New Home/Pool - What to Ask?

    Welcome SilentWolf! You have came to the right place for pool maintenance methods and a good group of guys to help you properly maintain your pool.

    Size of the pool and number of gallons?
    You can figure this one out by using the Pool Calculator found here. I'd say it is in your best interest to figure this one out so that you know how much chemicals you will need to add to your pool.
    What type and HP of pump?
    If the label isn't already worn away this will typically be printed right on it. Pictures would be helpful as well!
    What type of filter?
    Labels are helpful and so are pictures. There are only 3 choices here sand, DE, and Cartridge.
    How do I turn on and off the pump and heater?
    This one is up in the air depending on how the electric was ran. Pictures are helpful here as well. Some ideas are a outdoor switch, a timer, simply plugging in the pump.
    Is everything still working?
    Once you get that pump on you will know by the pressure gauge on the filter and the return jets getting water back to the pool. Hopefully you are leak free and ready to swim in a few weeks.

    Also you may want to update your signature because it will be helpful for others when trying to help you out. Start off by giving this a read and make pool school your friend by reading that over again.

    Again welcome!
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    Re: New Home/Pool - What to Ask?

    I'd be curious of age, construction, and name of builder(for future use). Of course the current owner may not know the answers.
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