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Thread: Blue Line In-ground Pool Pumps?

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    Blue Line In-ground Pool Pumps?

    Blue Line In-ground Pool Pumps

    2716 Blue Line In-ground Pump - 1 HP 199.99

    are these any good?

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    by that Big Arch

    Re: Blue Line In-ground Pool Pumps?

    very good pumps for the money..has a Stainless Steel motor shaft which is really really nice (my old AO Smith did not)..nicely sealed up unit and very on/off switch but who needs it..pumps run 24/7 and if storm approaches i unplug it..the 3/4HP motor moves 62GPM..keep in mind you should turn over your pool twice every 24 hours..on above ground 24foot pool (lest say 13,500 gallons) you only need a pump rated at approximately 15GPM..motor size is not all that big deal on a pump..its GPM rating that matters..many buy a huge motor (pool store pushes bigger is better and thats ****) and all you are doing is tossing money out of your pocket (total waste)..yea these pumps are that good and low cost to purchase..i would recommend these pumps over Hayward any day of the week and i think the main guy at blue line was an older Iwaki pump engineer (Iwaki is considered the best-whatever that means)..if you bought blue line you chose a very good pump.

    model #2716 is in-ground pump
    model #2601 is 3/4hp 62GPM above ground pump

    bigger motor may not be most efficient use (but its your coin)

    one of the reviews said the hose came off and they guy was looking at a 25 foot vertical wall of water shooting out the pump..these units will move water

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    by that Big Arch

    Re: Blue Line In-ground Pool Pumps?

    I did a little more digging into these pumps and finally found some specs on a near like pump that Grainger sells..on a 45 GPM max filtration rate filter you may want to go with a 1hp specs out a pump at 39GPM at 30 feet of head on a 3/4HP motor..the 1hp pump is 44GPM at 30 feat of emails to a distrubutor are as of yet unanswered and I will suspect it will not be answered (requested full spec and performance curve)..

    total resistance in my sytem (guesstimate with some math)
    filter=10 (industry norm on above ground sytem)
    backwash=12 (industry norm on above ground system)
    approximately 14 feet of plastic 1.5 inch pipe (average is about .4head@4 feet, i just went with 1.5 for kicks)
    4 unions/reducers..i went with estimate on "total straight pipe length" which is about 1 foot so figure .1ish head
    skimmer-i guessed 2 head but its probably less
    1 outlet-i guessed 2 head but its probably less
    total system resistance approximately 31.5 head (right at average)

    being single speed pump i would not go blue line if you run a hot tube with the pool (energy cost)...i will report findings when my new pump arrives and I finally have hopefully some specs from the motor sticker..

    **you should match original HP just trying to save energy cost but variable speed unit may or may not be a wise choice for at most 4 months of pool use (even less this year)..the true specs on this stuff we will never get unless you happen to know the guy who initially designed the unit thefore if it came with a 1hp motor that what you should get at replacement time..babble off-god speed

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