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Thread: Newbie starting to SLAM pool

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    Newbie starting to SLAM pool

    Hello all. I'm new as of today and have spent all day learning the language. I have started the SLAM process today and am looking for verification that I am on the right track. Thanks in advance! This is a great forum - I have lots to learn.

    I opened the pool 3 weeks ago and converted it to SWG this past weekend. I was concerned with the FC being 0 and believe that there is an accumulation of GUNK (mostly cc) overwhelming the SWG's chlorine generation. There was also an abnormally high calcium level of 500+ (self induced, I'm afraid).

    Pre-SLAM parameters:
    FC 0
    TC 5+ (SWG running on superchlorinate for days)
    pH 7.4
    TA 110
    CYA 30
    CA 500+

    I started this process by replacing roughly 25-30% of the water in hopes to reduce the calcium level. I am filling it now.

    I have added 960oz of 8% bleach and am adding 8 lbs of CYA. According to the PoolMath calculator this should yield a FC of approx 23 and a CYA of 65 (when it stabilizes). I will inch that towards 70-80 as I progress further considering the SWG.

    I have the TF-100 ordered and it should arrive Friday. I realize I am starting the process without the ability to measure the FC for 2 days, but I wanted to get the process started ASAP. I have vacation in 10 days and very much want this pool stabilized by then.

    The pool is very clear with no indication of algae. It looks great - the wife thinks I'm crazy for SLAMming it but the FC of 0 is obviously indicating an issue.

    Q1: Are my actions thus far appropriate?
    Q2: Without the ability to measure the FC for 2 days, I am in the dark on how much additional bleach to add over the next 48 hours. Does anyone have an educated guess?

    Than you all,


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    Re: Newbie starting to SLAM pool

    Welcome to the Forum. For now, I would turn off the SWG. superchlorinate will just eat up your cell. Bleach is cheaper than a cell. Hold off on the CYA for now. Bumping it up now will just increase the amount of bleach you need. Until you receive your test kit, I would dump in enough chlorine to bump your level 4 - 5 ppm and drop your pH to 7.2. Once you get your kit, post up your results.
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    Re: Newbie starting to SLAM pool


    Hold off on that CYA addition! It will drive the shock level FC to extreme levels. If you have it sitting in a sock and there's some undissolved, pull it out and set it in a plastic bucket or trash bag for a few days. You can put it back in when the SLAm is done.

    You'll burn out your SWG if you leave it at 100% Turn it down at least.

    Until you can test, I'd limit bleach to two jugs a day just to keep things stalled where they are. If you go too high, you risk bleaching the liner. And if it's not enough, the algae will just use it up and continue reproducing and laugh at you.
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