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Thread: Pump Startup Issues with Centurion B128 Switchless Motor

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    Pump Startup Issues with Centurion B128 Switchless Motor

    Hi All, This is my first time to post here, but I've been searching through old threads and using this forum to fix my problems for awhile now. Many thanks for all the help from you guys.

    To the point, I have a Century Centurion B128 Switchless Pump motor that started having issues starting up just recently. I know the motor was overhauled last year before I bought the house as the previous tenant had basically let all the equipment fall into bad shape. It's been running no problem for about 15 months since that overhaul.

    As of last week, when the timer would try to kick on the pump, it would just hum and get very hot. I searched through the forum and found some posts on here talking about the possibility of capacitors going bad. So I did the following to try and research (found tips from Google / forum).

    I unscrewed the cap on top of the motor and looked at the capacitor under the cap. I did not see any writing on the sticker, it appears to have basically faded away over the years and the capacitor doesn't seem swollen, busted or leaking. Another post mentioned that I could remove the black plastic cap from the back of the motor and attempt to turn on the motor and spin the bolt to see if the motor started. This worked. If I remove the cap and spin the bolt, the motor fires right up and runs without any issues until the timer turns it off again.

    With that knowledge, is replacing the capacitor something I could do fairly easily?
    If so, where would be a good place to try and find a capacitor that would work?

    I also have a small leak that appeared after the last harsh winter storm we had. When the pump first turns on, it sprays water out of what appears to be a seal or an o-ring of some sort. As it runs for a few seconds, it slows to a small trickle. Could any of you recommend how to go about stopping the leak as well or should that be posted in another thread?

    Here's an album on dropbox showing pictures of the pump in question:

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Pump Startup Issues with Centurion B128 Switchless Motor

    Having same problem. Could it be the capacitor? How to troubleshoot? Thanks

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