I've posted on here before about the trouble we are having with a floating liner after every rainfall. The pool is less than 1 yr old. The pool builder initially statedit wasn't their issue and to get it pumped, and then began charging me to pump it. They backfilled with the clay/dirt they had excavated which i believe was their first mistake. They didn't install any drainage around the pool or any wellpoint or sump pump. The more I've looked into it they should of used pea gravel to give the water somewhere else to travel to away from the pool and provided or at least warned me this could happen and advise for drainage tiles.

After researching more and more, and realizing this is a builder issue and staying on top of them the builder has agreed to meet with us on Friday about the siuation. What are some of the questions I should ask?

I spoke with Latham Pools, which is the pool maker and they said their recommendation for backfill is gravel or sand.
There was waist high water in the deep end before they did the floor which should of indicated to them there was a drainage issue.
It cost me $4000 to put in my own drainage tiles on one side of my yard in hopes it would help. It did not.
The more I research the more I see other companies put in drainage or use the pool pump as a sump pump as standard procedure.

I want to use the pool this summer and have it dug up and replaced this fall the right way.

Thanks for any help you may have.