Hey folks,

I'm new to the forum and I'm looking for some very specific information about concrete block vinyl lined pool construction techniques. I'm essentially interested in copying duraleigh's build that can be found here but on a smaller scale.


I'm specifically looking for more information on the dry stack block technique. My current working plan would be to sub out the excavation and footer work to a pro as it appears that the footer being perfect is the key to this method. Then tackle the wall myself with some help.

So here is what I'm after:
What are the pros and cons of the dry stack block technique?
Do I need to have vertical rebar that runs from inside the footer all the way to the top of the wall OR can I have a 24" stick of rebar (at the appropriate intervals)
for the first couple of blocks and then add more rebar from the top once the wall is built? (The block cavities are then filled with concrete once the wall is completed)

I'm looking to build a 16x36' pool with a wedge bottom that goes from ~3' to 6' deep.

Thanks in advance for you help.