I posted this late last week and I'm not sure it was in the right section.

OK, Im back. last year a lot of issues holding chlorine. After testing, slamming, etc we thought we were done with the issue. Well the pool has been open about a month and I'm having same problems.

This time called the guy that opened the pool and he came out. My liner is 2 years old. Shortly after getting the line there was a cut (from the automatic pool cover) that caused some water to leak out. This year there's some growth on a seam. It cannot be brushed off. Pool guy told me that the algae was behind the liner and coming through the vinyl probably as a result of the tear that had been repaired.

My question is; does anyone know how to eliminate the issue besides replacing the liner? Has anyone ever taken the liner out of the track and treated with a powder or slurry algaecide? I keep hearing about Jack's magic. Is there anything we can do to eliminate issue or will it just come back?

I appreciate your feedback.


FC 7 (down from 19 yesterday and 32 the other day)
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