I was having all sorts of mystery happenings with various functions turning on and off when they were not programmed to do so. Thanks to this forum, I found that the side switch on my spa was in need of replacement and that it was the likely cause of everything. I changed the switch two weeks ago and everything has been great--no unexpected programming--until this morning. When the pump came on this morning at its normal time it came on in spa mode rather than pool mode. At this point I don't know what to think: there is no phantom programming, i.e., extra programming layers and the valve actuators seem to be ok, too. Has my Jandy controller gone bad? Anything else it could be? I'm still in the steep curve learning phase of all things pool after taking over maintenance last August. I've never had a pool before and had a pool service until I took over. In general, I'm pretty handy, but right now I'm very frustrated because it seems like every week I've got a new problem that requires hours of research and time trouble shooting, finding parts, doing the repairs, and spending money. Thanks for letting me vent a moment.