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Thread: New System - Where to begin

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    New System - Where to begin

    Hey Guys,

    I am interested in upgrading my current pool pump/filter system and would like some help.
    As seen in my sig, I have an old system which consists of a 1.5hp pump, c800 filter and an inline chlorinator.
    After spending some time here I've realized that the inline chlorinator is not in my best friend as the pucks contain other additives that my pool doesn't need.
    The way my pool is currently plumbed I have no vac-to-waste and all my vac debris goes directly to the filter and clogs it up. I have no robotic cleaner (yet).
    I want a total refresh of mechanicals other than my heater which I was told is only a few years old...

    Here's what I'm thinking:

    New pump (dual speed?)
    DE filter with vac to waste
    SWGC (pending it will work with my heater) or in-line liquid chlorinator.
    Pool Robot (maybe next year?)

    All this said what combos do you like and what has a good track record as being well built and worth the money?

    The pool is vinyl, IG, 25Kish with 2 returns and t outlets (skimmer and mid-wall).

    All help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    25K In-Ground Vinyl, circa 1990. Hayward C800 with 1.5 HP Max-Flow Circa 1990???? In line Chlorinator. Raypak Heater.

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    Re: New System - Where to begin

    A dual speed is a great idea. On the filter - I'd get a multiport valve so you can set it on recirculate too, not just vac to waste. Any chlorinator should be plumbed after the heater so I don't see why an SWG would be a problem. Hayward Perflex filters are good, Pentair DE filters are good too.
    Helpful links: Pool School; CYA/Chlorine Chart
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    Re: New System - Where to begin

    Your main problem now (other than your inline puck feeder) is that your filter is way too small for your pool. I think the c800 is 80 sq. ft. of filter area. See the chart in Hydraulics 101 - Have you lost your head? It lists 200 sq. ft. as a minimum, but something like 300-400 sq. ft. or larger would be better for a cartridge filter. If it were me, I would get either a Hayward C4030 (430 sqft) or a Pentair CCP420 (420 sqft). But you have indicated that you want a DE filter. Converting to a DE filter is fine, but you will want to make sure it is a big enough filter. The chart has 36 sq. ft. as a minimum, but something like 60-70 sq. ft. or larger would be better. I have no experience with DE, so I have no recommendations.

    You don't seem to have a need for a high flow rate, so I would think that a 1hp two speed pump would work for you. I have a Jandy that works great, but I don't think the brand matters. A Hayward Superpump or Pentair Superflo would be good.

    For the SWG you will want one sized for about 40,000 gallons. Hayward, Pentair, Autopilot, and Circupool all make good products. The Pentair SWG adjusts in 20% steps unless you also have their control system to adjust in smaller steps, so that is a drawback in my mind.
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