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Thread: I'm confused R-0003 vs. R-0600, TF-100/Taylor/HTH

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    I'm confused R-0003 vs. R-0600, TF-100/Taylor/HTH

    RE: TF-100 and Taylor BASIC Test Kit (OT)

    1. On the TF-100 Instructions in my kit, I see no mention of the R-0600 that is in my kit.
    2. There is a mention of R-0300 in the CC test. (Which I have no bottles labed R-0300, but I may have had at some point.)
    3. On the Taylor Instuctions, it refers to the chlorine test solution as R-0600.

    4. After I purchased my TF-100, the test solution that I was using on Chlorine was not working. This was last August, and I do not recall what solution I was using... and I do not have that bottle any longer. We then purchased an HTH kit from WalMart. Their chlorine test solution is simply labeled OTO, hydrochloric acid <10%, Orthotolodine<1%, (which is exactly what it says on the Taylor R-0600 bottle.)

    Is R-0600 and R-0003 and HTH OTO all the same stuff?

    If not, what should I be using on the TF-100, Combined Chloramine test? I currently do not have anything labed R-0003.

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    Re: I'm confused R-0003 vs. R-0600, TF-100/Taylor/HTH

    Taylor R-0600 and the HTH OTO reagent are the same, both are actually made by Taylor.

    R-0003 is something different. It is used in the TF100 as part of the FAS-DPD chlorine test to turn the sample pink if there is CC present. It is also used in Taylor DPD chlorine tests. The TF100 should have come with a 3/4 oz bottle of R-0003. In my kit it has a Taylor label and looks rather different than most of the other reagents included in the TF100. If you didn't get any then contact TF Test Kits directly.

    There is no such thing as R-0300 anywhere.

    The TF100 instructions refer you to the Taylor instructions for the smaller blue taylor kit (K-1000) included in the TF100. The R-0600 is part of the blue Taylor kit and is mentioned in the Taylor instructions (included in the TF100).
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