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Thread: New member in Eastern NC

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    New member in Eastern NC

    Hello All, Just installed our new 18 x 52" Intex pool. All is well, girls went swimming in it today. Only hiccup is water was yellow/green upon filling with municipal water... took sample to Culligan, no iron, said color was probably tannins. Added 13 oz of dichlor (small pool sanitizer) yesterday retested (Taylor 2006 kit) and ph is up from 7 to 7.8, FC and CC now 5, color is starting to disappear Added a second return across from stock fairly low in the pool as I plan to add a skimmer (would like help on which one to buy) and run it using my old pump/filter 1000 gph which want to also run a small fountain with. Love all the GOOD info on here.
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    Re: New member in Eastern NC

    Check out the above ground pool section, as it is loaded with Intex modifications!

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    Re: New member in Eastern NC

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaltLife is up from 7 to 7.8...
    I'm a little perplexed by the pH drifting up. Dichlor tends to lower pH a bit. Was anything else added to the pool? Also, while a pool needs some CYA in it (we recommend 30-50 ppm CYA in a non-salt pool) to mitigate excessive chlorine loss due to sunlight, continued use of dichlor will increase CYA beyond the optimum level which will result in you having to maintain a higher chlorine level to maintain proper water sanitation. Refer to this chart: Chlorine CYA Chart. For ongoing chlorination, we recommend plain unscented liquid bleach as it has no undesirable side effects.

    Since you are starting with a fresh fill, you will need to add some CYA to reach the minimum level of 30 ppm that we recommend. Although we normally recommend using granular CYA in a sock and placing it in a skimmer whenever CYA additions are needed, if you have additional dichlor on hand you could use it until CYA reaches the minimum level of 30 ppm. If you choose to use any left-over dichlor, keep in mind that in addition to adding CYA, dichlor also adds chlorine and slightly lowers pH. Therefore, you will need to balance out your dichlor additions over several days to avoid overdosing on chlorine on any given day while also keeping an eye on pH. Once CYA reaches 30 ppm, discontinue the dichlor and use liquid bleach for ongoing chlorination. If you need to add additional CYA at this point (based on your chlorine loss to sunlight), use the granular CYA that is marked "100% cyanuric acid (CYA)", and place the recommended amount in a sock and place the sock in a skimmer.

    Quote Originally Posted by SaltLife
    ...FC and CC now 5...
    I hope you mean that FC and TC = 5. FC+CC=TC. If CC is 5, that's a problem. Please confirm.

    Would also recommend reading
    ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry to give you a quick overview on how to manage pool water chemistry and familiarizing yourself with the Pool Math tool to help you determine the proper dosage of any chemical that is added to your pool.

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