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Thread: Cloudy Water Help

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    Cloudy Water Help

    I have had my pool open for about two weeks, and no matter what I do I can't get the water clear. I only have a cheap PH and FC test as of now, but plan to buy a more extensive test kit shortly. Both my PH and chlorine levels are dead on, but my water is still clear. The only other chemicals I've added are Algecide and clarifier. Any ideas??
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    Re: Cloudy Water Help

    Order a test kit (TF-100 is in my signature, its the most cost effective / best kit) and post up results please.

    We generally don't recommend Algaecide or clarifier as a properly maintained pool using the methods we promote just don't need it.
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    Re: Cloudy Water Help

    Cloudy water is usually a low-level algae infestation. You're at a stalemate - your chlorine is killing the algae as fast as it reproduces, so the water isn't turning green, but all those dead bleached algae carcasses are clouding the water.

    What it will take to restore the sparkle is to kill the algae off faster than it can reproduce by elevating the chlorine level and maintaining it there until the algae is dead. We call it Shock Level and Maintain.

    It's very likely that your FC level, while it seems "dead on" is too low for the stabilizer level. Your test kit can't measure the stabilizer (CYA) level, so there's no way of knowing. Check this chart. If you've been chlorinating with pucks, you could well be into triple digits on CYA. The only cure is to drain and replace water. But again, you don't know without testing, so don't rush out and start emptying your pool.

    You could rush off and buy a proper test kit. That's the best first step.
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