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Thread: Aquarite Woes

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    Exclamation Aquarite Woes

    A few months ago, I replaced the current limiter on my AquaRite main board after reading a post in this forum. It started working again just fine.

    But a few weeks ago, I started getting *wildly* under-reported salt levels (1400 instead of the pool-store-measured 2600-3000, checked at several pool stores). This was causing it to shut down after a minute or so with CHECK SALT / INSPECT CELL lights. Calibration didn't work... it just starts at a low number and ends there as well.

    I thought at first that I had ruined the T-15 cell (I had used straight acid on it a few times before I knew better), so I replaced the cell. Same problem.

    So today, I replaced the main board. SAME issue (using the new cell first, then trying the old cell).

    I'm at a total loss here. There's not much left to replace other than a transformer and the riser display board. Is there something I'm missing?

    Lights: Power, Generating, Check Salt (blinking), Inspect Cell (blinking)

    2600 (not unexpected, as this is a new main board)
    84 (verified correct with thermometer, actual 83.6)
    27.9 (seems a bit high?)
    4.96 (within range)
    50p (matches knob)
    -1900 (this is crazy wrong)
    t-15 (same as the actual model of the cell)

    The power readings on the other polarity are 27 and 6.54.

    Water Test:
    FAC: 5 (I just used power shock since the pool was turning green)
    TAC: 5 (ditto)
    Salt: 3100 (should be right in the perfect zone)
    Hardness: 180 (pool store guy says this is a bit low but not an emergency to fix)
    Cyanuric acid: 99 (high side of ok but expected, I added 4 tablets last week)
    Total Alkalinity: 100 (perfect)
    pH: 7.8 (about average for my pool)
    Copper: 0
    Iron: 0

    Volt meter
    Line voltage: 247 VAC
    Orange/Ground: 13.2 VAC
    Blue/white impedance: 2.6Ω
    Grey/violet impedance: 3.0Ω (the expected range is 2.0-2.9, should I worry that the transformer is bad?)

    I'm having the electric company come check the line, since 247 is a bit high, I think nominal should be 230 or so. But it doesn't seem to be impacting the stepped-down voltage.
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