My pool light is still working fine, however, I found an ounce or two of water inside the sealed portion of the fixture, where the bulb is, and the potting resin around the base of the bulb socket looks like it melted a bit. The resin ran down the inside of the sealed portion of the pool light lens cover. When I opened the fixture I could see that the resin around the base of the bulb socket appears to have melted a little bit and ran along the inside of the light housing and down along the back of the lens cover. It looks like melted wax but id is very sticky and feels like construction adhesive. The fixture is stainless steel. My first question is if anyone knows what to use to clean this stuff off the fixture. Will pouring some type of potting compound around the bulb socket, on top of the existing resin, (I have enough room to do this) solve the problem. If so can you recommend a product for this job, if this will not fix the problem can you make any recommendations? I have attached 2 pictures to show you the fixture and what my problem is. Have a great week-end and thank you for any input you can provide. 2014-05-2810.03.04.jpg2014-05-2810.03.04.jpg!