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Thread: Contemplating cover options-need suggestions and input on my ideas

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    Contemplating cover options-need suggestions and input on my ideas

    When my SLAM is over and I get my pool back usable I decided I'd go ahead and line up what I want to do for a cover now instead of scrambling when the leaves start falling.

    Right now, I have no cover. We previously used a tarp style and waterbags, but always had issues with our dogs messing with them. We plan on installing a pool fence this year due to now having young children, so that will fix the dog problem.

    Here is what I am thinking, your input is welcome;

    1. Unless convinced otherwise, I think I'm going to go back with another tarp style cover due to now having the fence, lower cost, and that it seems they last about as long as a safety cover. Where is a good place to order one?

    2. I plan on ordering a new pool cover pump, possibly a Rule pump. Is it worth the extra cost? Are there any others you'd recommend?

    3. Lastly, we have a huge issue with leaves. I'm thinking of ordering a leaf net to place on top of the cover and empty it during a few times during the height of the leaves falling. Would ordering two that would cover their respective rectangle of L shaped pool (with a slight overlap) be a good idea? It would seem much less award removing them than an L-shaped net, and whatever fell off would still be caught by the tarp cover.
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    Re: Contemplating cover options-need suggestions and input on my ideas

    The only experience Ive had with tarp covers were on my parents above ground pool. IMHO, a huge pain in the butt.

    When I bought my house (that "fortunately" came with an inground pool) there was no contest....mesh safety cover all the way.

    I can tell you for sure, on my parents ag pool with the tarp covers, we were getting 2 *maybe* 3 seasons out of them. Unless IG tarp covers are stronger (I doubt it), I cant see a tarp cover lasting anywhere near as long as a safety cover. Our safety cover is going on 11 years old, and while a few straps can use some re-sewing, there are no tears or anything.

    And you mention having little kids....I do as well. While I have faith in my pool safety fence, with kids around I would still want the safety cover. Plus it would help with your leaf issue.....the leaves may stay on the cover but eventually would be dried out enough that a good breeze will take them away, which means little to no chance of them falling in when you pull the cover off.

    And with newer mesh materials you can keep almost all the sun out of the pool, which means no algae growth.
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    Re: Contemplating cover options-need suggestions and input on my ideas

    We have a nice safety tarp that we put a poly tarp on top of all winter. The cheaper poly tarp takes most of the beating and thereby saving the much more expensive safety cover. I wouldn't not use a safety cover

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    Re: Contemplating cover options-need suggestions and input on my ideas

    Safety cover all the way. It will last much longer than a tarp, and leaves just blow off. Get a mesh cover or solid with a mesh panel and forget about pumps.
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