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Thread: stains, stains, go away, please.

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    stains, stains, go away, please.

    Where am I on me free time lately? Here on TFP. Worst pool year since I have had this pool (2010).
    This by far is the best DIY pool resource around!

    Ok, to start off I opened the pool and had filter issues, well fixed that. It took about a week and a half and my pool turned into a dark green swamp, couldn't see more than about a foot and a half down. as soon as I got the filter going I put in 4 lbs of in the swim shock from walmart about 30 mins later the pool was cloudy blue, Im thinking that did the trick after I get home from work I will balance the ph.

    That night I come home to a very green pool again. The ph was lower than 6.8 & ta was 40 so I put in 12 lbs of baking soda and Shocked the pool to 55ppm with bleach, the highest I have ever taken it. So for the next week I vacuumed and vacuumed and still green. I came to the form and found out it the water turned clear and was still green it was probably metal stain, so I kept vacuuming and waiting.

    Finally I could see the bottom drain but still the pool was green and the walls were a brownish yellow color. Waited about a week for the fc to come down to about 7ppm and did the vitamin c test. Yes, the stain lifted in that spot almost instantly. So, I went online and looked for asorbic acid, wow I was going to have to wait a while for this to get here. So I went to walmart and got 2 quarts of scale, metal & stain control and 1 quart of algaecide and put it in,

    Now, 3 days later I would say the stain has lifted about 80 percent. water is a blue-green color.

    here is my question what should I do next to get the rest of the stain to go away, I know I have gone about this backwards.

    here is where I am today
    fc- 0
    ph- 7.2
    ta- 30 to 40
    cya 60
    1 quart of algaecide 3 days ago

    Should I try bring up my TA now?

    Should I do an AA treatment now?

    Or, should I just wait and see if the Scale, Metal, & stain control will lift the rest of the stain in the next few days on its own?

    How long can I let the fc stay at 0 before I have to star this process all over again?

    tried to post pic but I cant figure out how to get the size small enough?
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    Re: stains, stains, go away, please.

    You will develop algae soon if you don't get some FC in there. You can choose to order the materials for the AA treatment or continue with the sequesterant and add chlorine.
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