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Thread: Looking for help

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    Looking for help

    My first post here......I bought a house in November with an above ground pool and never owned a pool before. I hooked the pump and filter up and filled the pool yesterday. Turn the pump on ot works great then the pressure of the water coming back into the pool lowers to almost nothing. The psi on the filter is at 20. If I backwash the pressure into the pool goes back up and the psi on the filter goes back to 10 but this only last a short time like less than 5 minutes. If I change from filter to recirculate the pressure into the pool stays normal. I have a cartridge filter and it's clean inside. Any ideas what this could be? Thanks for any help

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    Re: Looking for help

    Welcome to TFP!

    That means everything is working the way it should. The filter is filtering out debris from the water, which you then need to clean from the filter. When the water finishes cleaning up the frequency of filter cleanings will go down.
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    Re: Looking for help

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    Re: Looking for help

    Those are some pics of my set how often should I be cleaning the filter? It should be flowing in to the pool with very low pressure all the time? I seen a YouTube video of some i be adding white powder to the skimmer do I need that? I've never ever heard of these filters before lol when I was a kid we had a pool with a sad filter and it never lose pressure like this even when green. I'm just trying to understand everything. Tans for the help so far

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    Re: Looking for help

    I went to a pool place and the guy there said the cartridge filters are junk and my pumps t small and tried selling me a new pump and sand filter. I'm hoping he was just trying to sell and I don't NEED that

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    Re: Looking for help

    If the pool is murky and/or green, it could just be that the filter is working properly. It could also be that the filter element has reached the end of its lifespan. And it's extremely common that pumps and filters sold with pool packages are undersized.

    It would help a lot if you'd fill out the signature so we know what kind of equipment we're talking about. Your pictures didn't show up. This will tell you how
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    Re: Looking for help

    Ignore the pool store guy. You have a DE filter. You must put DE in it for it to work properly. It also has a series of grids that are coated with DE and that is what filters the water. DO NOT run the pump without any DE in the filter! You may damage the grids.

    Here is a link to an owners manual for your filter.

    You will need to buy some DE for pool filters and a DE scoop. Open up the filter and hose off the grids before adding the DE. You can find instructions on youtube. Here is one similar to yours.
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    Re: Looking for help

    Thanks guys I opened it and the and hosed the grids off everything was a nasty green then added de it's still pumping slow but the pool is getting cleaner it started out as a very dark green and is a light greenish color now. Thanks for the owners manual ill do some more reading

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    Re: Looking for help

    You may want to look into removing all the grids and soaking them in acid inside of a garbage bin (please look up the proper kind). This and only this remove ALL of the DE. You can look up youtube videos on how to do this. After doing this you can inspect to see any tears/rips in the filter wings and replace accordingly.

    After doing this you add in DE as if it where a new filter. 100 percent of what your filter mfg recommends.

    If you only backwash do not add 100 percent of what the mfg recommends. Its less. I don't remember off the top of my head. I'm sure Jason knows
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    Re: Looking for help

    My pool Is a 27' above ground. I found my pump on a few sites and they call it an in ground pool pump? Should I have this setup on an above ground pool?

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