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Thread: TF-100 question

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    TF-100 question

    Hi. I am just starting out testing my own water when I opened today and used the TF-100 for the first time today when opening my 18' AG. When using the TA test once I did step 2 with R-0007 and then R-0008 my solution was already red instead of green. This was before step 3. I ran the test three different times about 2 hours apart and still have the same results. Can anyone please tell me what I need to do to fix this?

    Ph-too low to tell
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    Re: TF-100 question

    What have you used to chlorinate your water?? You need to raise your pH up to at least 7 to avoid damaging various items. Your TA is very low to zero at this point. Here's a quote from the Extended Test Directions.

    Add 5 drops of R-0008 and swirl to mix. The solution should turn green or blue. If the sample turns red, pink, or yellow, you are done, your TA is zero, and your PH is very very low.

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    Re: TF-100 question

    so using the pool math calculator at you need to add borax to raise the PH and baking soda to raise the TA
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    Re: TF-100 question

    Slow down!

    And welcome

    If the water hasn't had a chance to circulate and mix, you might just be testing a layer of snowmelt, which of course will be free of alkalinity. So don't start tossing stuff in the pool if the water hasn't had a chance to mix well!!

    If those reading are accurate, then you need to add some alkalinity with Baking soda, target maybe 50, then recheck pH and TA after it's mixed for a good hour, and then raise pH with Borax. Let that mix, and recheck your numbers again. It may take a few adjustments to get things right.
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    Re: TF-100 question

    A layer of snow melt would not have a CYA of 50, but Richard is right, you need to let things mix well to avoid over adjustment. Getting that PH up above 7 is critical.
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