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Thread: (UPDATE)Possible Cause of Liner Floating

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    (UPDATE)Possible Cause of Liner Floating

    My liner on my 16x32 IG pool floated during the off season. I have since had the water pumped out, and lucky for me the liner simply went back into place.

    Ive been trying to figure why/how this happened, as I never had this issue during the pool season.

    During the off season I didnt close the pool. I simply covered it with a mesh cover and ran filter when temps got near 35. However, I did remove the ladders. I am wondering if the ladder removal could possibly be what caused my liner to float. I noticed that, where the ladders sit into the ground, there are a little holes. Im wondering if rain water went through the holes, accumilated around the pool wall, and caused liner to float. Im in N Mississippi and we do have clay soil that doesnt drain very well.

    Do you guys think this could be a possibility or do I need to keep troubleshooting.


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    Re: Possible Cause of Liner Floating

    Ground water from snow melt or excessive rain is usually the cause of a floating liner. It probably would have floated whether your ladder was there or not.
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    Re: Possible Cause of Liner Floating

    we do have clay soil that doesnt drain very well.
    That is the sole source of your liner float. To stop it, you would have to find a way to allow the ground water to escape from around your pool to somewhere lower.
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    Re: Possible Cause of Liner Floating

    I agree with everything you guys have said, but Im baffled why it only happened with the ladder and rail not installed. Did not have any issues during the season.

    Thanks for the replys

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    Re: Possible Cause of Liner Floating

    It doesn't have anything at all to do with the ladder, that was just a coincidence. It has to do with the height of the ground water table, which varies seasonally. When ground water is higher than the water level in the pool, the liner will float.
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    Re:(UPDATE) Possible Cause of Liner Floating

    Just wanted to post an update on my issue, as I thought the resolution was quite interesting. As mentioned earlier in the thread, my liner would float whenever we got heavy rains. Found out this was being caused by a hole in the liner. The hole was on the pool floor on the shallow end. Patched the hole, have had a few heavy rains since, and liner has not floated again.

    I found this interesting because everything I had read lead me to believe that a hole in liner could not cause a liner to float. Just thought I would share this in case anyone in the future has an issue similar to mine. I don't fully understand the why and the how. But I am a witness that this can happen.

    Thanks for all the help.
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    Re: (UPDATE) Possible Cause of Liner Floating

    Thanks for the follow-up. It can be a huge help to others who have similar problems.

    I'd have said a hole wouldn't have caused it, but thinking about it, a hole would put more water in the ground around the pool, then with rain on top of it you might get float.

    Glad you solved it anyway.
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    Re: (UPDATE)Possible Cause of Liner Floating

    What led me to look outside the box was when the liner floated and it had not rained. During a dry spell, I decided to top off the pool. I put hose in the pool and went back to watching TV. I dozed off with the water running into the pool. Woke up before it over flowed, but the water level was still very high. The next day I came home from work and found the liner floating. It had not rained in days. I was completely baffled. Initially I figured this was a result of having a leak somewhere around the stairs. While looking for leak around stairs, I found hole in liner on the floor. Patched the hole and things have been great since. I guess it was a good thing I fell asleep with the water running.

    I was lucky and did not get any wrinkles after all the water receded. My only issue is that the floor on the shallow end feels a little funny, as it seems quite a bit of wash out has occurred. Other than that everything is back to normal.
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