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Thread: Pressure gauge leak/leak through base of Hayward filter

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    Pressure gauge leak/leak through base of Hayward filter

    Hello all.

    having some problems w our hayward filter, now at least 9 years old..

    was leaking water through the bottom of the filter while it was running (through the cap at the base of the filter). I started to think that this was pressure related, but could not confirm this bc my gauge was broken. replaced the gauge. now h20 is leaking through the gauge (at has tape on it, but still leaking).

    prior to replacing the gauge, i was not getting good pressure on backwashes (of course this is a visual sense of pressure since we didnt have a reading). when the filter was running normally, the pressure would seem to build up over about 30 seconds to normal pressure.

    any and alll suggestions welcome. i am inclined to call in a pro but havent yet given up on fixing it myself.

    thanks. Dieter
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    Re: Pressure gauge leak/leak through base of Hayward filter

    Was the filter drained for the winter? What model is it?

    The drain plug underneath probably has an O-ring behind it. Might be time to shut things down and disassemble it and have a look-see. And you shouldm't see any leaks from the gauge area. Are you sure it's leaking around the threads? My plastic air bleed had a hairline crack in it. It was no big deal to replace the thing.
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    Re: Pressure gauge leak/leak through base of Hayward filter

    Can't help with the other leak but you should be able to make a watertight connection for your psi gauge.

    1 Unscrew and remove existing gauge and clean ALL tape from the threads.....even the female threads on the filter.

    2. Since the tape didn't work for you, apply a thin coating of pipe dope to both side of the connection.

    3. Screw in the gauge until it is hand snug and convenient to view........NO MORE than that.

    4. That should do it. Clean up excess pipe dope so you have a pro looking job.

    If that other leak is down low near the bottom of the filter body, you may need a new gasket. Check that area for any cracks that might have happened over the winter.
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    Re: Pressure gauge leak/leak through base of Hayward filter

    thanks for the replies. i will check on the gauge leak. pretty sure it is leaking from the gauge---it wasnt leaking before i replaced it. will let you know.
    13k gallon IG plaster, DE filter, 3/4hp Pump

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