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Thread: I think I made a major error

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    I think I made a major error

    I had pounds of earth worms in my pool when I took off the cover. I fished as much out as I could see and I had an algae bloom.. So I hit it with shock at ~ 13 TC.

    The algae was turning gray so I was happy. Then I got out my drop test kit (taylor) and the water turned pink but then went clear, so I figured I had no FC... When I added the reagent to find cc it just turned yellow. I added more , same result, I added more, I panicked and went to the store and got more bleach. about 18 bottles. I added and waited an hour then test, it turned pink for a second and then went clear. I thought I must have ammonia. I went to the store and bought 24 bottles and like a complete idiot I added them all and it turned pink and then went clear. Then I realized the test has an upper range and I probably over shot it somehow. Now I think I'm hyper chlorinated to the tun of something like 160 FC!!! I have a vinyl pool liner. I think I'm screwed.. I have a feeling this is going to add badly for me! It is a 25000 gallon pool. In all I must have added like 50 bottles of bleach. My stomach is sick.. I took 5 ml and then filled it with water from my well to 40 ml and it turn pink and held!!! OMG.. I put like 40 drops in before it turned clear again.. Here's my math... 10 ml .5 per drop 40 drops would = 20 5 diluted to 40 = 1/8 so 40 drops *8=320 *.5 =160

    What should I do?

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    Re: I think I made a major error

    Welcome to TFP.

    What to do... What to do... I would say to wait it out. As what others would say, I have no clue.

    Do not, by any means, add anymore chlorine and do not let anyone swim. Do not assume a problem if you did not test for it.

    What is your CYA test result? What test kit are you using?
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    Re: I think I made a major error

    Welcome to the forum!

    Yea, the reason it turned clear the first time is that it was bleaching out the color indicator. You will beat yourself up, more than I can, but I must say for the newbies reading, this is where care and caution come in. Knowing and understanding what you put in, and why you put it in your pool, and understanding what it will do, is key to everything we teach.

    I normally wouldn't suggest it, but a chlorine scavenger might not be a bad idea. I don't know what they are named, but pool stores will have them and they will be some sort of Bi-Sulfite I imagine. I'm sorry to say it, but the damage to your liner is likely already done, but I honestly don't know to what extent, or how much good a scavenger will do at this point. If it were me, I would probably at least try to get some scavenger in there and start anew.
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    Re: I think I made a major error

    What is your current CYA?
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