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Thread: Questions about installing ProLogic Electronic Actuators on existing valves

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    Questions about installing ProLogic Electronic Actuators on existing valves

    Hi All. I have a Hayward ProLogic saltwater system which currently has all manual valves. I am thinking about installing two automatic actuators onto a couple of my manual 3 way valves. I had a couple questions for anyone that knows about this... here is a crappy diagram of my pool equipment setup:


    The two valves I am possibly going to add automatic actuators to are the rightmost two valves in the diagram. One of them allows me to bypass the solar heating things that are on the roof, and the other lets me switch between floor cleaning output and standard wall returns.

    My questions are:

    1. Unfortunately the location of the salt cell in my diagram is correct. If I bypass the floor cleaning system of the pool I also bypass the salt cell. I notice that the ProLogic has a special mode that switches every half hour between the floor cleaning jets and the bypass. Would doing this harm the salt cell? Is the system smart enough to not count the time the salt cell is "bypassed" for chlorine generation, since my chlorination percentage is always under 50% anyway?

    2. I am planning to use Valve 3 for the solar heat bypass valve instead of "Heater2" because I can't quite tell if the Heater2 mode will work just fine with a 3 way valve actuator. Does anyone know whether the Heater2 relay setup is identical to the valve3 and valve4 relay setup? The manual says "If the solar is operated by a valve, then a valve (Valve3 or Valve4) output must be setup for solar logic (page 37)." It seems like using Heater2 would give me a couple extra options (solar extend and solar priority) that valve3 wouldn't.

    Thanks for any info, I can't quite figure things out.
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    Re: Questions about installing ProLogic Electronic Actuators on existing valves

    1. It should take into account the time with no flow but I am not entirely sure regarding this. You might call the Goldline (Hayward) tech line and see if they can tell you.

    2. Valve 3 and Valve 4 when configured for solar should have the same options. Both should have solar priority and extend.
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