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Thread: On the right track?

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    On the right track?

    I think I am finally getting somewhere. AG Pool, approx 8500 gal, the cheapy SWG machine.

    I posted last week about zero chlorine and was instructed to get my CYA in range and add bleach to get FC to 4-7. On Monday I added the recommended amount of bleach and stablizer (went with dry due to price).

    The next DAY my CYA shot up from less than 30 to 100 and my FC from 0.4 to 4.2. I kind of freaked out about the CYA, but decided to just fill the pool to the brim with water hoping to bring it down. I ran the SWG starting Wed for two nights at 6 hours

    Friday (today), my levels are
    FC 1.6
    CC 0.4
    PH 7.6
    TA 70-80 range
    CYA 70

    So, it doesn’t seem to me that the SWG (brand new) is keeping up? Or maybe I waited too long to actually turn it on and by then the FC had already naturally gone down? I can add more bleach tonight, and then turn the SWG on like normal tonight.

    Am I on the right track? My pool does look clear and sparkly!!!

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    Re: On the right track?

    Do an overnight loss test and be sure everything's gone.
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