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Thread: my legs are wavy

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    my legs are wavy

    Hi. Put up the intex 14x42 pool 2 days ago and even though my water level is off by 1" some of my legs are higher while some are lower. If I measure from the top of water to top of liner there is more than 1" deferences. In another thread I mention that a few legs missed the pavers, those are ones that are currently not lower.
    What is the fix? Leave it till the end of summer, jack up legs and adjust the pavers to get the legs more level? See what happens after the rain we're supposed to get in a little bit?

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    Re: my legs are wavy

    If your pool legs aren't on the ground, you're not level. You really should fix it now. Why wait for a catastrophic event that may or may not take place?
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    Re: my legs are wavy

    They are all on the ground. When you look at the pool from eye level some are just slightly higher than others. When I measure from bottom of pool to top of water am off by 1". If I measure from top of water to top of liner am off a little more than that since some legs are higher.
    I plan on getting the legs more even with each other.
    Which is a more important measurement?

    you can see in photo the middle leg is high and the leg near filter is low

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    Re: my legs are wavy

    That does not look that bad. My old Intex was much worse than that and it was up for four years all year round. If you are going to take it back down after summer is over then I would not worrie about it. You can get it better next summer. If you let it up it might get worse over time as the legs settle in the ground.

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    Re: my legs are wavy

    the only way to get an intex pool to stay level is to put it on some patio stones. I used the 8 x 10 ones from Walmart for 1.25 a piece. Otherwise, with that small of a "footprint" your posts will settle and the pool will always be out of level. even with the stones you can have issues though. Two of my legs settled when the stones sank. I had to very carefully with a 3 ton floor jack and a 2 x 4 jack up each of the settled legs, remove the stone, dig out a bit more to have enough room to put a second stone in, replace the original stone on top of the second stone, and lower the leg back down. its hard to get an intex pool perfectly level.
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    Re: my legs are wavy

    How did this turn out? It seems this post is two years old. We are currently having the same issue. Newbies. Legs fell off pavers, so we successfully jacked up and reset. However, the top of the pool looks 'wavy'. The water itself, in the bladder of the pool, is only off by max 1" at any point in the pool. Should we worry, or leave it? How did this turn out?

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