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Thread: no cholrine

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    no cholrine

    It feels like we've had this problem forever. Each time I take my water in to get tested it shows ZERO chlorine.

    These were our numbers today: our pool is roughly 12,000g, salt, hayward system

    FC 0
    TC 0
    Salt 2900
    Calcium Hardness 500
    CA 60
    TA 120
    pH 8.0
    Acid Demand 3
    Copper 0
    Iron 0

    Please advise.
    Also, I am looking for a recommendation on test strips so I can start testing on my own.


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    Re: no cholrine

    Welcome to TFP.

    Since you asked for recommendations on testing, you're only going to get the best and it's not strips. Test Kit Comparison

    While you're looking over the link, check out what we've got in Pool School.
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    Re: no cholrine


    How does your water look? Is is clear, hazy, cloudy, green, black, or sludge?

    If your sample had a long ride to the pool store, the chlorine could have disappeared in the interval.

    Is the SWG on? Are there any warning lights on?

    You may not be in as bad a shape as you think. A lot depends on your answers to those questions, as well as believable test results, which means testing it yourself, and Casey already covered that.

    If you want to save time and skip some reading, take a deep breath, pull out the credit card, an invest in a TF100. I suggest you also get the XL option, because that test refill is really hard to find locally, and it saves shipping to order it now. Salt test strips will free you from the pool store completely. The speedstir is optional, but nobody who's ever bought one regrets it. Search speedstir up above and see what I mean.

    It's a bit late to have your pool shaped up for Memorial Day, but certainly well before Fourth of July it can be clear and sparkling and the envy of all who see it. And when you go to the pool store - which will be seldom, if at all - you'll tell them what you want. They won't be telling you what to buy.
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    Re: no cholrine

    Thank you so much for responding!
    Water looks good. The only thing I noticed is that maybe there is some mustard algae. I only see it in a few spots that are hard to sweep (corners of steps). But I live in AZ on a dirt road at the base of a mountain so I'm not positive that's what it is. It could be dirt but I can't sweep it off easily.

    The sample had about a 15 min ride and was filled right before I took it. It did however sit in a warm car for one stop at Home Depot.

    I don't know what the SWG is. Salt Water G_____? We just had to replace the cell and I noticed on our remote is is still reading old warnings and has not reset. But I do not see any warnings at the main box.

    The older I get the more I think some things are just better done myself. Testing pool water is on that list for sure. I will look into the TF100. Thanks for the heads up on which size to purchase!

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    Re: no cholrine

    Quote Originally Posted by chutch
    I don't know what the SWG is. Salt Water G_____?
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